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Starter starts defective car engine

A conventional internal combustion engine is designed to will not can start on its own. So he needs a kind start Help. This is done by the so-called Starter. Put simply, the starter turns the engine over a gear wheel until the engine can run on its own through the combustion mechanism. The starter is thereby from a Electric motor driven. A prerequisite for the fault-free operation of the starter is therefore always a functioning power source, i.e. a charged one Battery. Age-related wear and tear can mean that the starter no longer works or no longer works properly. Basically, the starter is one of the Wear parts, which rarely show a defect and need to be replaced.

Signs of a defective starter

  • The engine doesn'tstart: if the engine takes several attempts to start it or even doesn't start at all
  • Engine does not (or poorly) start, although the battery is charged/new
  • Messages in the error memory: If the fault memory reports "Starter blocked" or "Engine blocked", this is a sure sign of a defect in the starter
  • Starter clicks: if you notice that the starter works but the engine does not start
  • Engine just “clicks”: the pinion moves, but the engine does not start

Determine if the starter is defective

In a vehicle with a manual gearbox, it is possible to drive the vehicle through "Push" to start. For this purpose, the vehicle is driven by an external force (towing or Pushing with the help of several people) set in motion. If the speed is sufficient, the second gear is engaged (the ignition must of course be on Level 2 could be shown) and you release the clutch. If the engine starts now, the starter is defective most likely.

Auto push battery muscle power

Confusing the defective starter with other defects

If you suspect that the starter could be defective, you should have this checked and confirmed by a workshop to be on the safe side. In principle, it is also possible that, despite the symptoms described above, not the starter itself is the problem. It is also conceivable that about the power to the starter or a Relais are defective. Thus, the starter would not be powered and cannot turn itself. In addition, not only the starter or the pinion, but also that flywheel be worn out. The pinion of the starter can then no longer engage properly in the teeth of the flywheel and spins.

Continue driving despite a defective starter?

A defective starter should as soon as possible checked to avoid further costs. A "stuck" starter could overheat the electrical wiring and start smoldering. A fire would result. On top of that, damage to the flywheel ring gear could occur if the pinion gear is no longer properly engaged by the engagement lever.

Repair or replacement of the starter!

If a defect in the starter can be determined without a doubt, it must first be removed for further measures. The effort required for the removal differs depending on the vehicle type and model and can sometimes end with surrounding components such as the engine mounts having to be removed beforehand. However, the starter is usually easy to reach and access. The effort for the expansion is therefore limited. With starters that are easily accessible, it is often sufficient to Engine cover in the human body and facts about the Underrun protection to expand after the battery is disconnected, the electronic cables can also be removed. After the expansion, it is important to consider whether a Repair of the component is worthwhile or whether a new part or a refurbished one Exchange part should be installed. It is also possible to repair the starter. However, this should be done by a specialist, which again requires increased costs and time. But it can be worth it for an old classic where spare parts are scarce. In the end it is always a case-by-case decision. Especially with components that are difficult to access, the installation should a new part to be favoured. The risk of another defect is reduced to a minimum.

Cost of replacement or repair!

Invoice Costs Money Workshop Pay

The pure material costs for a new starter vary between 60 and 600 euros. Common manufacturers in this country are Bosch and Valeo. About a third cheaper refurbished Starter. For this purpose, the defective starter is replaced by a used, but by professionals refurbished replaced. This usually saves around 50% of the costs compared to a new part. Added to this are the costs for the workload of the workshop. Usually, depending on the effort, between one and three hours needed for the change. The costs can therefore increase, especially for vehicles with increased effort. If existing Start-stop system the effort can also be increased by necessary training processes. If you add the material costs of about 100 to 300 euros to the labor costs of about 60 to 600 euros, the total costs are 160 to 900 euros.

Problems with the main inspection due to the defective starter?

A general inspection is not possible on a vehicle with a defective starter because the engine will not start. This then counts as "severe deficiency".

Importance of the starter in the vehicle!

Starters are used to start internal combustion engines. A starter is a device used to turn the flywheel of an internal combustion engine in order to start the engine running under its own power. In a car is usually a Thrust screw starter installed. As soon as the ignition key is turned, the pinion of the starter is pushed into the ring gear of the flywheel and the electric motor drives it. Then the engine starts. A starter is usually robust and rarely breaks. Often there are only problems with vehicles with a very high mileage.

Starter starts defective car engine exchange

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