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More power with a retrofitted terrain reduction

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Bruder Offroad Camper EXP 4 EXP 6 Trailer 4 More power with a retrofitted off-road reduction

Retrofitting a terrain reduction in the car is for vehicles with all wheel drive quite interesting. Modern SUVs / pickups can have electronic or manual auxiliary systems that enable a better off-road function and are sometimes also equipped with a reduction gear at the factory. The off-road reduction can also be called a two-speed gearbox. The gear ratio enables different driving styles, both off-road and on the road. The terrain reduction is explained in more detail below.

Terrain reduction - what is it?

Retrofitting off-road reduction Tuning More power with a retrofitted off-road reduction

An off-road reduction is usually a two-speed gearbox. A reduction gear is a gear variant that allows the speed to be slowed down or reduced if certain requirements are met. The input speed can be reduced. In this context, it is referred to as a “single reduction gear” and a “double reduction gear”. The gears are subdivided in the gearbox variant "reduction gear". The off-road vehicle can thus be given different properties in the terrain and on the road. The possible reduction in speed means that the car can be controlled more precisely off-road. This precise control is possible thanks to the slower drive at a reduced speed. Such a property is also known as terrain mode.

Braking and driving force increase

Retrofitting off-road reduction Tuning 2 More power with a retrofitted off-road reduction

The off-road reduction can be retrofitted and offers advantages in terms of engine braking and driving power. More driving power and better braking are advantageous when driving off-road, especially when driving on steep areas. The reduction gear can also be referred to as a transfer case, because the cardan shafts for the rear and front axle drive go from the transfer case. Modern off-road vehicles do not necessarily have to have a reduction. SUVs can be equipped with auxiliary systems that enable off-road driving or they have a short first gear. If you own an older four-wheel drive car, retrofitting the off-road reduction can be interesting.

Off-road reduction - matching vehicle parts

If you want to retrofit the terrain reduction, you need suitable vehicle parts. Corresponding articles are available from specialist dealers, but these should be installed by tuning workshops or other specialist workshops. The terrain reduction makes sense when driving off-road and can also be used for off-road races, for example. However, the vehicle should be suitable for retrofitting a terrain reduction. The professional employees in tuning workshops can help you with this. Such a transmission variant must be switchable in the vehicle. Furthermore, other electronic aids, such as those used in modern SUVs, should not compete with off-road gear reduction. For which vehicle models the respective reduction gearbox is suitable should be stated in the product description of the article. Due to the design, there are no universal systems. The terrain reduction must be specific to the desired vehicle.

Retrofitting terrain reduction - conclusion

A reduction gear is advantageous in the off-road vehicle. The transmission variant, also known as a two-speed transmission, can reduce the speed in "off-road mode", the drive power increases and the engine brake can also be better used. These properties are essential in order to be able to precisely control the vehicle on inclines or when driving up and down the terrain. If you want to have the off-road reduction retrofitted, you need suitable parts and a compatible vehicle with all-wheel drive.

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Bruiser Conversions 6x6 Jeep Wrangler Offroad Tuning JK 2017 1 1 More power with a retrofitted off-road reduction

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slamstop closing aid Softclose comfort lock% C3% 9Fen 4 e1577086335885 310x165 More power with a retrofitted terrain reduction

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