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A test drive needs to be well planned! How do I prepare myself?

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A test drive needs to be well planned! How do I prepare myself?

Buying a new car is a real event. The first highlight is the test drive. But just get in and drive off is not advisable. Such a test drive should be planned just as well as the car purchase itself. It starts with the appointment. Pick a time when there is little traffic on the roads. For example, you can test how the car behaves at higher speeds or when braking harder. It is important that the test drive by daylight takes place. Also, take enough time for the test drive. Neither the busy schedule nor an overzealous salesperson should put you under stress. The ride should at least 45 minutes take.

Several hours or a full day should also be possible. High-priced vehicles are usually left to potential buyers for a whole weekend. Think about it previously a route for your test drive. You should drive in the city, on bad roads, various parking maneuvers (The function of the transmission can be checked here thanks to frequent gear changes), but also overland and motorway sections (for the pulling power of the engine and the background noise at high speeds) plan in order to get to know the car in various traffic situations. The mixture also provides information on fuel consumption. Bring one or more passengers and any co-users with you. Four or six eyes see and four or six ears hear more than two, especially when steering and shifting. You must have your identity card or Passport as well as yours Driver's license present at the dealership.

Insurance coverage and defects

What if, despite all caution, I get into one with the test vehicle Accident get involved? How about that then Insurance Cover out? Many people ask themselves these questions before taking a test drive. In general, car dealers equip new cars with one Comprehensive insurance and a deductible of 1.000 Euros out. Nevertheless, you should find out about the insurance cover before taking the test drive, especially if the vehicle has been given a red number. These may only be used for Trial and delivery trips are used and may have no insurance coverage. Private individuals are also allowed to use it not alone drive around.

A test drive needs to be well planned! How do I prepare myself?

In any case, it is advisable to check out the Reimbursement of costs in case of damage to be confirmed in writing by the dealership. In addition, all the details about vehicle insurance should be in one Takeover protocol be listed. The same applies to additional verbal agreements such as the amount of the deductible. If other people drive the vehicle during the test drive, the dealer must be informed, otherwise you can be prosecuted for the damage caused to the other person. Check the car before the test drive also for external defects and existing damage and record these in the takeover report. It is best to document them through Photos. Otherwise you may be held responsible for the damage later.

During the test drive

The test drive begins with the entry. they should without problems be able to get in and out and the seat and steering wheel must be adjustable so that you can sit comfortably and have sufficient freedom of movement. You need to feel good and safe in your car. The materials and equipment of the interior must Correspond to your ideas. What is the quality of the plastics? What about the processing of the doors and side panels? Can I easily reach important controls such as indicators, light switches and gear levers? Are the on-board instruments such as speedometer, rev counter and fuel gauge clearly arranged and available in the desired language?

A test drive needs to be well planned! How do I prepare myself?

After the test drive at the latest, you must be sure that you can handle the arrangement. You should ask questions about individual functions before starting the test drive clarify with the seller. It can also do no harm to visit a specialist workshop during the test drive and if it is a used carto have it checked out. If this is desired, it should be done in the selected workshop previously of course an appointment can be made. The same also applies to the Analysis of the vehicle history. This is possible on websites like,, & Co. In both cases you have to go with it Check costs calculate. But it should be worth it. Especially when it comes to high-priced vehicles.

Your conclusion after the test drive

If you have not found any defects in the vehicle, you should confirm this again in writing after the end of the test drive. However, they are while driving Problems occurred, you should report it to the dealer. Review the test drive in your head once or twice. Are you satisfied with the drive? How is the driving behavior in different traffic situations? Does the processing meet your requirements? Do the comfort and safety equipment meet your expectations? Consult your co-drivers about all of these questions and ask them to testify to any deficiencies. Some retailers want to urge customers to make a quick purchase decision. Don't go into it and give you a day or two to think about it and think carefully about whether the car suits you and whether you have the financial means to maintain it in the long term. If the dealer is not very cooperative, look for another car.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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A test drive needs to be well planned! How do I prepare myself?

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A test drive needs to be well planned! How do I prepare myself?

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A test drive needs to be well planned! How do I prepare myself?

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