To protect the bike: What are tire cradles / tire protectors?

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Tire weighing Tire protector Tire bed Tire wedge To protect the bike: What are tire cradles / tire protectors?

Vehicles that one parked for a long time often suffer damage to the tires. There is regularly a so-called Stand plates. To prevent this damage to the tires, the Tire weighing as a Tire protectors developed. The wider the tires, the more likely it is that the tires will be damaged.

Tire weighing is useful for these vehicle types

Tires at vintage cars are very sensitive. Damage to the tires due to a longer idle time is very annoying because the tires are often difficult to replace and can also be expensive to buy. But luxury vehicles and sports cars also often have expensive and sometimes rare tires installed. With a Tire cradle can damage the tires verhindert when the vehicles have to stand still for a long time. Also at Mobile homes, which often have to withstand a long service life, it is worth purchasing the Tire protectors.

Tire retracted plates nail repair screw 2 e1598262097203 To protect the wheel: What are tire cradles / tire protectors?

Park garage vehicles on the tire cradle

A tire cradle can be a useful fixation for vehicles that are parked in a garage. Even when parking in often narrow garages it turns out Tire weighing as a reliable tool. If the vehicle is parked on the tire cradle, it is not possible to touch up the rear wall of the garage. Furthermore, the tire cradles not only protect the tires of the vehicle. Even sensitive garage floor coverings can be effectively protected from rubber abrasion on the tires when the vehicle is parked on the tire cradle. The right tire protectors are available for all vehicle classes and also Trailers. Many tire protectors have an anti-slip coating on the underside. This prevents slipping when driving up the tire cradle. At the same time, they protect the floor covering from rubber abrasion.

Buy optimal tire weighing!

When looking for the right tire cradle, you can find numerous models in stores. When choosing one should focus on the fact that the tire protectors are also suitable for the existing tire size and the weight of the vehicle are appropriate. Many tire cradles are therefore standardized. For parking a car there is Universal shoes for tires designed for inch sizes of 17 to 22 inches are suitable. Here the tires can have a maximum width of up to 385 millimeters. Furthermore, the tire shoes should have a simple Run over enable. The mini ramps at the front and back should be one flattened area to have. PU-bound tire cradles are elastic. This allows the tire protectors to adapt optimally to the existing tires. This is essential for effective tire protection.

Tire weighing Tire protector Tire bed Tire wedge 1 e1612445719996 To protect the wheel: What are tire cradles / tire protectors?

The fit of the tire cradles succeeds because the tire protectors in one special pressing process have been manufactured. As a result, the tire cradles are on the contact surface of the tires more softly compressed. The rest of the tire cradle area is more rigid. With this concept, different tire diameters can be placed on the tire cradles. The system of tire protectors ultimately leads to the tire in the hollow is embedded and thereby a larger stand area which has an optimal physical effect on the tire load. Ultimately, this can a standing plate prevented .

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