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Something for everyone - the right vehicle decoration!

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Vehicle decoration hood ornament wedding car 3 The right vehicle decoration for everyone!

If you want to customize your car for special occasions and don't just want to do interior and performance tuning, then for example quick-to-install side window decorations are interesting. The decorations are available in many variants and can be securely attached to the vehicle windows or to the car. What makes this decoration so special and why something can be purchased for almost every occasion is explained below.

Moose antlers, flags and Co.

Vehicle decoration hood ornament wedding car 4 The right vehicle decoration for everyone!

For the side window decoration, for example, flags for the EM / WM etc. or funny elk antlers (Christmas time) can be considered. The moose antlers are particularly interesting during winter and Christmas and can be seen on many cars. Flags are interesting decorative items for football fans and fans of other sports to express their own enthusiasm. The articles are available, for example, as Germany flags and, depending on the club, can also be purchased from soccer clubs, handball clubs and bowling clubs. Bundesliga clubs usually offer a wide range of merchandising, which can include flags for the side windows of a vehicle. Alternatively, there are also numerous possibilities to design a very individual flag on which, for example, the anniversary, the finally completed divorce or the birth of the child can be proudly communicated to the environment. There are almost no limits to individuality.

Jewelry for the wedding too

Vehicle jewelry hood ornament wedding car 5 e1578982724981 The right vehicle jewelry for everyone!

But in addition to flags and the moose antlers can also be a Blumendeko be attached (to the wedding) on ​​the side windows, for example. There are also flags with "Just Married"Commercially available that can be attached to the side windows. If you are looking for more decorations, for example for the rear side windows, you will find decorative sun visors find. They are available in many styles and are attached to the inside of the side windows. And of course there is also a lot of decoration for other components on the car. For example, there is the popular wedding bouquet on the bonnet, there are various garlands and decorations for such a festive day and even for door handles, tailgate or trunk strip, applications in the form of bows or garlands are available.

what look for when buying - decoration?

When buying a side window decoration, the fun factor should not be neglected and you can buy what you like. Nevertheless, there are some buying factors to consider, because the articles should not last just for a ride. Therefore, it is advisable to buy side window decorations, such as flags and antlers, that are processed properly. The articles should be intended for attachment to the side windows of a vehicle. When buying, the interested customer should also pay attention to customer reviews and specific testimonials. The articles that are attached to the side window and protrude outwards must not be driven on the highway. Appropriate warnings must be observed when purchasing.

Brackets / flags and Co.

The holders of flags are mostly made of plastic. The plastic should be robust and the brackets must not be too thin so that they do not break off at 30 km / h. It is also important to note the maximum speed that can be driven with the article. In their product descriptions, the manufacturers and dealers state how fast they can drive with flags or elk antlers. Germany flags are already available at reasonable prices for the side windows, but are generally only allowed to be mounted on the side windows at speeds of up to 80 km / h. If the maximum speed is exceeded, the article can be damaged. The moose antlers are usually made of fabric or plastic and are often completed by a red Rudolph nose, which is attached to the front of the vehicle. When buying, you should pay attention to weatherproof fabrics.

Noise / Law & fuel consumption

Regardless of whether it is flags, elk antlers or the bouquet of flowers, in any case you have to expect extreme wind noise. Higher fuel consumption can also be a side effect, especially on longer journeys. With regard to the arrangement on the bonnet or the various garlands for the wedding day, it should also be borne in mind that anything over 30 km / h can quickly lead to tearing off. If other road users are endangered or even an accident occurs, the driver of the vehicle is of course held responsible. The risk is particularly high if you have attached a chain with tin cans to the rear, as is popular in America. The decoration must be securely attached and it must not cover the license plate or restrict the field of vision. The decoration is legally considered a cargo!

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Vehicle jewelry hood ornament wedding car 2 e1578982337963 The right vehicle jewelry for everyone!

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