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Info: warming up the engine is a good idea?

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Opinions are divided on the subject of whether the engine has to warm up in winter or, better yet, shouldn't. So it is important to clarify whether warming up is beneficial or even harmful. Does it damage the engine when it warms up? Tech experts clearly believe that it is harmful. The engine needs considerably more time to reach its operating temperature when stationary. To get there at all, a lot of fuel is consumed without giving up any power to drive the vehicle. Another negative aspect here is that as long as the engine is cold, there is plenty of fuel in the cylinder surface unburned form device. Because of this, there is a poor lubricationwhich in turn causes increased friction. The consequence of all of this is then a increased piston and cylinder wear. Last but not least, the unburned fuel dilutes the engine oil because it flows past the pistons and gets into the oil pan. Thus, the engine wear increases due to the also taking place here poor lubrication.

Can I let the engine warm up?

According to traffic law, every road user is required to avoid exhaust gas and noise pollution refrain from. Paragraph 30 of the Road Traffic Act clearly states that exhaust gas and noise pollution verboten are. It is clearly stated there that vehicle engines should not run unnecessarily. Even closing vehicle doors shouldn't be too loud. It is also forbidden to drive back and forth in built-up areas if others feel harassed. If you violate it, you have to go with one Fines (€) calculate. 10 euros are due here. The engine of a vehicle is not intended to warm the car or to remove fogged windows. First of all, it serves only that Locomotion. In the case of trucks, on the other hand, things are often different. Warming up is often unavoidable here and even technically necessary.

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However, practice and theory cannot always be reconciled. If the driver cannot see anything through the windshield and thus becomes a danger in traffic, he is the gezwungto act in any way. This can now be done by means of ventilation or a dry cloth. Apart from that, it is always advisable to have a drying cloth in the car so that, in case of doubt, fogged windows can be properly removed.

But there are other tricks to combat the moisture inside the car so that the windows don't fog up in the first place. The floor mats should generally always be dried. In winter are rubber mats well suited. It is also helpful to thoroughly remove snow from shoes and things that have been damaged by snow and are to be transported when it is snowing.

Is there any point in letting the engine warm up?

A test by the ADAC has shown that it doesn't do much in terms of warming if the engine is left running. The test was minus 10 degrees. The engine was four minutes run. The result of the test was that the engine oil was barely minus seven degrees had reached and the air flowing out of the air vents was only 13 degrees. To achieve this, 0,15 liters of gasoline were used.

Are there alternatives?

The best alternative is certainly this Garage. Those who do not have this can benefit from one Stationary heating system benefit. This can be switched on at a pre-programmed time using a remote control or smartphone. The result is a de-iced car that is immediately roadworthy. Anti-freeze films are another alternative. They are simply placed over the vehicle and fixed. In most cases, however, the foils only cover the front pane. The sides and rear windows still have to be manually cleared of ice and snow. And that too Fixing the frost protection film is very challenging for some people.

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At the end... If you think you have to let the engine warm up, you have to be prepared for the fuel consumption extremely increases. In addition, there is a risk that the engine Takes damage. Last but not least, there is also considerable environmental pollution. Not only do these points not have a positive effect on the driver, it is also forbidden. So if the goal is clear windows and a comfortable vehicle interior temperature, one should rather be Protective film or a parking heater be purchased.

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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