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Chip tuning box installed but disabled: allowed, right?

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Chip tuning box installed but disabled: allowed, right?

We recently received an interesting question from a reader. Reader Achim K. asked us something about that Chiptuning in his vehicle. Specifically, it was about an already installed Chip Tuning Boxwho have a Control via mobile app can be connected and configured via Bluetooth, but via no way has to be entered in the vehicle documents, since no reports are available. Since his vehicle at times also as track tool is used, he has chosen for the performance increase decided to have more power available, especially for driving on the race track. In particular, the possibility of being able to set different performance levels is the great advantage of the tuning box. However, it is also possible at any time via the app of the box to disable completely and thus to drive with standard performance. Achim K. now wanted to know whether he could drive with this box on public roads if it was via the app is disabled? An understandable question for us, since then the vehicle is standard in terms of performance. His fear was based on the fact that he might always have to install and remove the tuning box after use on the racetrack before the vehicle can be legally driven on the road.

Offline chip tuning box legal?

Chip tuning box installed but disabled: allowed, right?

And his fear is justified! Because by installing a chip tuning box erlischt ALWAYS the operating permit according to § 19 paragraph 2 StVZO, since the exhaust gas or noise behavior regularly deteriorates through the corresponding use. Therefore, a corresponding Registration of the tuning box absolutely necessary, if none ABE is supplied. Since this is not possible with his box, there is - as far as we know - no possibility to legally participate in public traffic with this tuning box. It plays not matterwhether the box is switched off via the app or not. Because the vehicle IS changed by the installation in any case and is no longer standard, regardless of whether the box is deactivated by the app or not. Even if the vehicle does not change as a result of deactivating the box, the operating license is still without entry the erlosch.

Possibility: Install dummy plugs/bridge plugs!

We see here only one possibility how a small compromise can be found. As a rule, such a tuning box is supplied with a special wiring harness that is connected to various sensors from the engine (Intake, turbocharger, injection etc.) is connected. This harness then leads to the appropriate tuning box and is usually with a Plug connected to this. Depending on the provider, there is also a so-called cable harness for this cable harness Dummy plug/jumper plug. In this way, the connected wiring harness can remain permanently in the vehicle, while the power box can be connected to it in just a few seconds. In our opinion, the vehicle is still completely standard with this jumper plug. Although some cables are basically "extended"But in this case we see a legal problem area with regard to the eligibility for approval not.

Chip tuning box installed but disabled: allowed, right?

This post is not legal advice! It only reflects our experience/assessment with this topic!

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Chip tuning box installed but disabled: allowed, right?

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Chip tuning box installed but disabled: allowed, right?

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Chip tuning box installed but disabled: allowed, right?

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