Tuesday 19th October 2021

AMP (Alphamale Performance)

AMP (Alphamale Performance) LTD. was founded in 2015. The company is based in Dubai. The main focus at AMP (Alphamale Performance) is on the rims. Forged wheels are custom built, designed and sold in Los Angelos, California. All wheels are made to order. Thus, every wheel set is unique and not a standard product. The second line of the AMP is the development, manufacture and sale of body parts, air suspension kits and Velvetronic exhaust systems. It all started with the creation of the Mustang Alpha ONE widebody kit in 2015. This made the Mustang even more breathtaking than it ever is. AMP is at the forefront of auto tuning by producing its own custom-made and forged monoblock, 2-piece and 3-piece wheel series, full Valvetronic exhaust systems with remote control functions and air suspension kits. One thing is noteworthy: the handcrafted full Valvetronic exhaust systems are manufactured with the help of German engineers. AMP understands the customers and delivers the finest tuning. Premium products are created that are worth bearing the premium name. This is about perfection, innovation, commitment and passion for the customer. No matter if Audi, BMW or Mercedes or exotics like Acura , or Maserati.

Photo Story: Mercedes GLE-450 on 22 inch AMP-10V alloy wheels

Mercedes GLE 450 Alphamale Performance 22 Inch AMP 10V Alloy Wheels 2 e1470296142453 310x165 Photo Story: Mercedes GLE 450 on 22 Inch AMP 10V Alloy Wheels

We have created a photo album for you that shows a Mercedes GLE-450 on 22 inch AMP-10V (Alphamale Performance) alloy wheels that you absolutely have to see! Unfortunately, we are not aware of any information about the vehicle or its possible further modifications, but that is not at all ...

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