Thursday 23rd September 2021

Antelope Ban

The tuner ANTELOPE BAN comes from the far away Indonesia. He is a specialist in car tuning on rims and tires. There are beautiful, unusual and high quality alloy wheels produced. And that applies to the greats of the automotive scene. ANTELOPE manufactures for Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes and more. The ADV.1 Wheels are the absolute bestseller. Compared to the sometimes boring standard rims, these wheels are an explosion for the eyes and the mind. The combination of the color scheme of car and Wheels creates a uniqueness that otherwise does not exist. There are the purest stylists tuning in the works. Of course, such rims must also wear the right clothes and so are selected for these, tires with the highest quality and performance. Top tires like Dunlop, Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, Bridgestone or Yokohama tires are among the best the market has to offer. The combination of rim and tire brings an absolute running behavior and the necessary safety for the vehicle. It does not matter Audi, BMW or Mercedes or exotics like Acura or Maserati.