ADV.1 Wheels

The wheel manufacturer ADV.1 Wheels, pronounced Advance One Wheels, was founded 2010 by Jordan Swerdloff. Jordan Swerdloff has been interested in cars and autotuning since his youth. He later used his talent in graphic design to design the first luxurious rims. It was followed by the founding of his first company 360 Forged, which already scored points with impressive designs. After the failure with the first company, however, Jordan Swerdloff came back and raved, after initial teething problems, the world of rim tuning. After just a decade, ADV.1 Wheels has become a global brand. The brand, known for its elegance and precision, has already worked with us Lamborghini together and is one of the most popular companies worldwide when it comes to tuning rims. Thanks to the decades of experience of the founder in the industry and creative innovations, ADV.1 Wheels is now one of the established companies in the tuning world. In the field of rims, they are one of the largest and most popular luxury brands in the world. There is more about the company