Blood Type Racing

The tuning company Blood Type Racing from the United States realizes the dreams of one or the other racing driver or racing enthusiast. Ordinary cars become fierce racing monsters that can easily compete with professionals on the racetrack. Here autotuning means pure speed and creating unique PS monsters. Accordingly, you can expect an ordinary vehicle to enter the workshop and leave it as a racing speedster. Only the best and most effective components are used for Blood Type Racing's projects, which explains the high quality. Furthermore, the girls and boys make sure that each model gets the right parts. As the name "Blood Type Racing" already suggests, metaphorically speaking, every car is assigned a certain blood group, which makes it compatible with certain components. This will get the best possible performance out of the vehicles and ensure their longevity. High quality and durability, paired with brutal speed, summarized in real PS monsters. The paradise for every lover of racing, especially for the brand Hyundai.

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