Saturday 25th September 2021

Hofele-Design GmbH

The Tuningschmiede Hofele Design GmbH offers modified luxury variants of vehicles on Mercedes-BenzBased models. The company Hofele-Design GmbH was founded in the year 1983 in the paternal double garage of Martin Hofele. From a corporate designed design for Mazda Germany (special model Goldi) were manufactured and sold more than 2000 cars. In 2000, the company relocated to a larger factory building in Donzdorf to have more space available. In China, the company is represented by its own partners. The company Hofele Design GmbH has been an official contractual partner of Daimler AG since the year of 2018. The company offers a range of tuning components. The parts are available for autotuning inside and out. It will also be based on Mercedes-Benz models built and sold as Hofele model variant new vehicles. The company Hofele Design GmbH is internationally recognized as a vehicle manufacturer by SAE International. For that on the model Audi A8-based model "SR8 Concept" was honored in 2010 with the coveted Sport-Auto-Award. More about the company is on