MS-RT (Ford Van Sport)

Autotuning is not just about increasing horsepower. The individualization of the vehicle is the goal of many tuners. The car should be aufgemotzt according to their own wishes. MS-RT (Ford Van Sport) is a merger of Van Sport and Malcolm Wilson. Van Sport are car specialists and Malcolm Wilson is a motorsport legend. MS-RT has focused on the tuning of Ford-Automobile specialized. The collaboration is a British undertaking and gives Ford vehicles a sporty appearance. All models are remodeled by hand and offered at an acceptable price. MS-RT (Ford Van Sport) has twenty years of experience in motorsports. Events such as the GT3 Racing, the World Rally Championship and the Global Rallycross are part of the experience of MS-RT. MS-RT brings quality and individuality to its tuned car models. The collaboration involves experienced designers and experienced mechanics in vehicle tuning. Thanks to the innovative work of MS-RT, every tuned vehicle can be equipped with its own special design and improved technology. Interested customers can view the results of the work using the vehicle examples given below. There is more about the company

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