Sunday 11th April 2021


Speed ​​District

Speed ​​District is less a classic tuning company than a place and a company where car tuning enthusiasts can meet and exchange ideas. Speed ​​District is located in southern Los Angeles and hosts a variety of events around tuned automobiles. At these meetings, monthly high performance cars are presented by individuals and companies. Tuners can demonstrate their configured vehicles and pick up tips and advice from like-minded people. Together, the lovers can then let off steam with their cars on the racetrack. Speed ​​District, however, is not open to anyone. In order to keep the coming together exclusive, interested parties must register in advance and can let off steam after a given appointment in three driving groups on the closed route at will. So that the tension at the events is not neglected, the drivers compete in a lap time competition, in which some celebrities and professional riders have already participated.