Supreme Power

Why wait when the tuner luck is right on the road? With Supreme Power comes a mix that has it all. Just put the tuner through its paces and convince yourself. Because if more power is desired in a jiffy, there is no way around Supreme Power. Thus autotuning becomes a prestige thing of the extra class. If the hubcaps are not just covers but a real eye-catcher, that's what you want. With Supreme Power, it is also possible to optimize all sports car services. And even if this is not yet a sporty car, can be with this tuning to get much out. As the name implies, this is where the creme de la creme of tuning comes together. With a touch of Supreme. From so many Porsche but also BMW that was brought out, what its brand is fair. The cars are roadworthy even after refining and do not need any extra permits.

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