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BILSTEIN B6 CamperAdvanced 3

In recent years, the motorhome industry has experienced an unprecedented boom. According to the Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD), there were 2021 new registrations in 81.420, which means that this number has more than doubled in the last four years. With the BILSTEIN B6 Camper Advanced high-performance shock absorber specially developed for this segment, workshops as lateral entrants can benefit from this exciting market - or add an attractive new option to their motorhome portfolio. As an additional groundbreaking feature compared to the BILSTEIN B6 Camper, which is also new, the Advanced comes with the BILSTEIN DampMatic®.


BILSTEIN series damper B6 Camper Camper Advanced

Depending on the situation, this automatically adjusts to one of two characteristic curves, so that customers get two shock absorbers in one - and all without complex and expensive electronics. This exciting shock absorber concept fits perfectly with the new brand claim WAY AHEAD and offers real added value. Campers are covered, both panel vans and semi-integrated vehicles based on the Fiat Ducato (from 2006 onwards) and the largely identical vehicles from Citroën and Peugeot. The following explains why garages should open their doors to camper fans with the BILSTEIN Camper and even more so with the Camper Advanced.

Special mobile home shock absorbers instead of pure transporter chassis

According to current figures from the CIVD, the average price of a mobile home is 77.500 euros. Despite the high tariffs, most mobile homes "rumble" on simple transporter chassis, which were taken over by the platform donor. A lack of travel comfort, poor stability in curves or annoying driving noise are the consequences and do not exactly promote the recreational value. From a technical point of view, it has to be said to save the transporter chassis: They are simply not designed for mobile home use because the loading situation is completely different. While the payload of a van, for example, constantly fluctuates, mobile homes are constantly close to the permissible total weight due to the heavy built-in components.

Advantages of BILSTEIN B6 Camper and Camper Advanced

With the new high-performance BILSTEIN B6 Camper shock absorber, driving behavior can already be improved dramatically. Because here the damping properties were matched to the parameters of mobile homes in road tests over thousands of hours - both semi-integrated and panel vans. The special setup results in increased safety in side winds and in curves thanks to optimal road grip and a more intensive driving experience thanks to high traction and precise handling. At the same time, campers can look forward to a more comfortable driving experience: The reduction in driving noise through better damping contributes to this, as does the increase in comfort through the optimized rolling behavior on cobblestones and at level crossings. A damper that could change its characteristics depending on the situation would be even better. BILSTEIN presents the B6 Camper Advanced with amplitude-selective damping based on the DampMatic® principle.

The BILSTEIN B6 Camper Advanced has a soft setting when cruising and a firm setting when performing evasive manoeuvres. The shock absorber selects one of two characteristic curves completely automatically based on a mechanical process based on the vibrations transmitted by the road. In the "soft setting" the damper oil flows through both the main piston and a special DampMatic® bypass. If the vibration amplitude increases due to the driving situation, the control piston moves to its stop due to the sudden excitation. This closes the bypass and the entire volume flow is handled by the main spool. Since the flow is thus reduced, the shock absorber behaves "tighter".

No cables, no connections, no increased installation effort

The purely mechanical DampMatic® technology developed and patented by BILSTEIN ensures that the shock absorbers, which are actually passive, can adapt to changing driving conditions at lightning speed. This is otherwise only possible with complex active chassis with additional components, cables or control units. Last but not least, this means for workshops and customers that the installation work is no higher than with any other shock absorber. This saves costs and makes the conversion even more attractive.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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