Monday 25th October 2021

Zyrus Engineering

Zyrus Engineering is a small manufacturer & tuner in the rough areas of Norway. The company drove a heavily modified Lamborghini Huracán in one of the most extreme racing series in Europe for several seasons and thus acquired almost unique know-how, especially with regard to the Italian athlete. Zyrus recognized the potential of the Huracán and worked steadily to develop it further in order to achieve an even better and more uncompromising performance. The first car was a prototype based on the popular Super Trofeo chassis. The so-called Zyrus LP1200 was developed to achieve better performance in all areas and is equipped with its unique aerodynamics. Zyrus Engineering strives to continuously develop high-tech vehicles in-house with its partners and employees. According to their own statement, the corporate identity is based on basic Norwegian values ​​such as quality, solidity and integrity. It will be interesting to see what else we can expect from Zyrus. More about the company is on