Thursday May 13, 2021

DiamondProtect windshield protection - a novel stone guard for our car?

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With the introduction of windscreen protection, DiamondProtect now wants to revolutionize the car market. With this liquid glass, the windshield of our cars should not only become more resistant to stone chips, this windshield protection is also said to have other advantages. We took a closer look at this protection for the windshield.

rockfall windscreen DiamondProtect windscreen protection - a novel rockfall protection for our car?

Rockfall protection with DiamondProtect windscreen protection?

The new protection for the windshield is based on nanotechnology, which has already been developed for aerospace technology, for example to make the cockpit windows more resistant and harder. The DiamondProtect windshield protection should now also make the windows of our cars up to 500% harder and more resistant to scratches and stone chips.

Liquid glass to protect the windshield

The DiamondProtect windscreen protector is attached with cloths soaked in liquid glass. It is an extremely smooth, breathable and super phobic liquid glass coating. This means that this seal is oil, water and dirt repellent and thus also reduces the adhesion of dry protection (dust), as well as insects in summer and ice in winter. As a rule, the sealed panes can be cleaned with water alone. Of course, the car can still be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner or with washing systems, but the windscreen protection is resistant. Protection remains intact. Overall, the coating lasts about a year and should then be renewed to continue to benefit from the protection.

Better visibility in the rain

Clear view in the rain and almost without a wiper. This should now be possible with the new type of liquid glass protection for the windshield. The wafer-thin protective layer allows rain and dirt to roll off the windscreen even at low speeds (from 40km / h).

Invisible nanocoating

The protective layer formed by the DiamondProtect windshield protection is only about 100 nanometers thin. This means that the coating is about 500 times thinner than human hair. The windshield protection is therefore not visible to our eyes. In addition, you cannot feel the protective layer. How can you now check whether the car window is still sealed and thus protected? As already shown in the video, you can test the protective layer with the help of water. Simply run a bucket of water over the pane. If the water rolls off (as shown in the video), the coating is still on the pane.

Windshield sealing for home

The DiamondProtect windscreen protection was specially developed for use on your own car. This means that the windshield protection can be easily applied at home and there is no need to first go to a workshop that performs such a seal. In addition to two sealing cloths, DiamondProtect also supplies two cleaning cloths and a microfiber cloth, as well as exact step-by-step instructions. The liquid glass sealant is also suitable for all panes, not just for the windshield.

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  2. Interesting that with the liquid gas from DiamondProtect, the windshield of cars should be more resistant to damage. It's good to know that the windscreen protector is attached with cloths soaked in liquid glass. However, I don't think it's better than a stone chip film.

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