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Digitalization not only in the car - the future is simulated

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The advancement of digitization has improved the accuracy of simulations in recent years. Known areas of application include science, driving, teaching, the military and space travel.

Simulation, an issue for the future

With the help of computer simulations, natural systems are simulated in the natural sciences in order to research their behavior. In the economic and social sciences, social systems are modeled in order to gain insights into how they work. Humanoid robots that can move and collect information with the help of sensors are already able to interact with the environment in the real world and take on tasks there.

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Simulations in the area of ​​school and learning are about acquiring certain knowledge and solving the appropriate tasks. The learning media contain hyperlinks that are designed to adapt to the student's level of knowledge. In this way, these virtual teaching aids are able to enable each individual to learn individually.

Medicine is an area in which simulations are increasingly being developed and used to train medical personnel. Simulators were developed in order to be able to practice tasks such as blood collection, surgical interventions and trauma care on a model before performing these interventions on a patient. In addition, simulators are used to develop new instruments for modern therapies and for early detection.

Simulation as training for car racing

Some racers liked to play racing games on the computer as children and adolescents and assume that playing has improved their ability to drive real races. The well-known Formula 1 driver and world champion Lewis Hamilton likes to play games like Gran Turismo on the Playstation in his spare time and spent his time with racing games of this kind as a child with his brother. An F1 training simulator also strongly resembles a car racing game, only that it is a lot bigger. Before a racing driver can get hold of the steering wheel of a real F1 car, he has to drive numerous simulated races.

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A training simulator needs to be closer to reality than a video game to help the team succeed. What resembles a giant computer game is a very sophisticated tool that is essential for the development of the Formula 1 car and the driver. Formula 1 is a special sport in which drivers cannot simply practice on the track, so they train in the simulator. Here they not only improve their ability to drive fast, but also test various aerodynamic parts on the car.

The simulator is a great way for racers to get used to the racetrack. This allows them to get into the rhythm of the race in advance and find out where the best braking points are and how to best manage the winding race tracks. But training on the simulator is only half the job. Driving a racetrack under real conditions already gives a different driving experience. Here there are an interesting video about a crazy car race in Mexico.


Simulations make sense in many areas of life. They can be particularly helpful when training racers and acquiring new knowledge and skills for school or work.


Digital F1 Simulator Digitalization not just in the car The future is being simulated

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