Can you retrofit double glazing on the vehicle?

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Have you ever tried to actively block out traffic noise? Simply no longer hear the crackling raindrops acoustically? This is the dream of many drivers who just do relaxed want to drive in traffic. And with that electronic noise canceling from Silentium for the car one is already working on various solutions. But there has been another option for many years. Because the background noise can also get through noise-reducing slices or Acoustic foils be regulated. What for such a retrofitting (if possible at all) must be observed, this is explained in more detail below.

Fight noise with foils or panes

Double glazing AKU film acoustic film car

Who doesn't want to be able to talk to their passenger in the vehicle in peace? The Traffic noise on the expressways is sometimes extreme and the windows of vehicles are not always well insulated. Furthermore, the noise from many people rush hour annoy. If you are stuck in a traffic jam, you don't want the fast vehicles on the other side of the traffic to be intrusive rush past Listen. The traffic noise is not just a succinct annoyance. Depending on the volume, such noise can also be the Orientation in unknown regions aggravate. Furthermore can navigation devices to be understood worse. Also instructions can misinterpreted .

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Car windows that special noise absorbing Can be retrofitted to vehicles if there is this option ex works gave. That means if a vehicle optionally with double glazing could be ordered, then there is also the possibility of this glazing retrospectively to retrofit. However, that is quite a Expenditure connected. Partly have to completely new doors installed so that the much thicker panes can be used. A simple exchange of the normal panes for stronger ones is due to the design not possible. Is none for a particular model noise-reducing Disc can be purchased, but then also can Acoustic foils be used. The acoustic foils are available in stores and must be attached properly. The Acoustic foil can also be in Acoustic glass processed and noticeably reduce the noise level in the car. The special Acoustic foils and -the scheibe can reduce the noise from the environment by up to 10 decibels dampen. However, only a certain frequency range is attenuated.

For which sides is the cushioning possible?

Cushioning can be used for Rear- and (partially) for Front areas as well as for the Pages be made. Straight Acoustic foils are a comparative inexpensive and efficient Variant of reducing the noise level in the vehicle. Acoustic foils and noise-absorbing panes are also for Music lovers and users of Hands-free systems Interesting. The driver can listen to his beloved music in the vehicle without the Ambient noise intensely. Such noise insulation also creates a relaxed ride for the front passenger. The overall driving experience is quieter thanks to the noise insulation. This in turn promotes alertness and can contribute to a safe driving style. But what the acoustic glazing can do depends on it Quality of Acoustic glass Acoustic foil from.

How can acoustic foils and noise-insulating panes be recognized?

The pane that already has acoustic glazing should have the addition "acoustics" wear. The disc itself should have the addition "AKU" wear. "AKU“Can also be part of the name of the respective disc. When buying an acoustic window for the vehicle, attention should be paid to the appropriate model variant for the vehicle and that the window is approved.

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  1. Thank you for this post on double glazing. Good to know that these can usually be retrofitted if the car is also offered with double glazing as standard. I will consult with a car glazier to see if this is also possible for my car.

  2. I am currently looking for a car glazier. Good to know that double glazing is possible. Even if I don't need it.

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