Long-life oil or fixed interval? The most important information!

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Long-term oil long-life oil Long-term oil tuning 2 e1579352843712 Long-life oil or fixed interval? The most important information!

Engine oil increasingly loses quality when used in engines and must therefore be changed at regular intervals. This should be clear to everyone so far, at least to those who don't drive an electric car. The distance between the changes depends not only on the frequency and type of use of the vehicle, but also on the quality of the oil used. A longlife oil or longlife engine oil is an engine oil with particularly good lubricity and durability. It is thinner than normal engine oils and allows longer oil change intervals. When buying long-life oils, you can recognize them either by the long-life label or by the SAE value. This is usually in the range 0W-30 to 0W-40. But not every longlife oil can also be used in every engine!

Change long life to a fixed interval

Long-term oil long-life oil Long-term oil tuning 3 long-life oil or fixed interval? The most important information!

When is the use permitted? In principle, long-life oil may only be used in engines for which the manufacturer has declared its use to be permissible. And this declaration does not apply across the board for all long-life oils, but mostly for those that have a certain SAE value. Certain brands are also often recommended. This is not just a marketing trick, but has to do with the individual properties of the engines from different manufacturers, each of which has different requirements for the oil. The information on which oils are permitted and recommended for a car can be found for series models in the respective operating manual and almost always on the back of the oil bottle.

Tip: This is how you properly dispose of used oil!

It pays to pay close attention to the wording when making the declaration of admissibility. If the engine is damaged, the guarantee and liability can be affected by whether the oil used has been expressly approved by the manufacturer or only corresponds to the approval specifications. The packaging of the engine oil usually also contains information on its suitability for vehicle models from certain manufacturers. But you have to be careful here! The mere fact that the oil manufacturer declares its product suitable for the model does not mean that it is also approved by the vehicle manufacturer. Even then, the guarantee and liability are lost through the use of the oil.

Tuning & longlife? D rather not…

High performance engine oil High performance oil tuning Longlife oil or fixed interval? The most important information!

In the case of tuned vehicles with non-series engines, the relevant operating manual for the engine and the components used are of course decisive. For a modified +500 PS engine you will often find nothing in the manual, here it is important to gather experience and at best listen to the trusted tuner or to various users in the relevant tuning forums. A request from an oil manufacturer stating the key data on the engine can also be successful. However, a longlife oil should not be used in such an engine anyway. Modified engines should receive fresh oil particularly often and never drive an interval of +20.000 km. At least that's our opinion ...

Switch to longlife oil or vice versa?

It should be noted whether the vehicle is intended for long-life service or not. In a car with long-life service, the settings for the oil change indicator and of course the technical components are matched to the use of long-life oil. If no long-life service is planned, there is normally no long-life oil approval for the engine and you should refrain from changing this. But it is possible, but you cannot make a general statement. It depends on the vehicle! Conversely, it is more likely. A vehicle that was delivered from the factory with Longlife Service can actually always be switched to a shorter change interval. After all, fresh engine oil can often do no harm. The only thing to note here is that you either adapt the on-board computer accordingly, or that you simply remember the change interval based on the kilometers traveled. But of course, the release of oil by the manufacturer must also be observed here if the issue of warranty is still in the room.

Conversion from LongLife to fixed interval

As mentioned earlier, the switch is from a long life Interval on fixed pitch relatively simple. Especially if you plan to do that Type of oil to switch, one can consider that. For example, if you only drive a few kilometers a year and the car may use a little more oil than usual, and if it is expensive like a Mobil Super 3000 XE 5W-30 & Co., then you could switch to, for example 0W-40 make sense. If you want to do that, you should take the vehicle off immediately Change the longlife interval to the fixed interval.

As a rule, any specialist workshop can do this with the appropriate Tests and an independent workshop can do that too, for example VCDS or similar devices. Sometimes it even is via the vehicle's on-board computer makeable. With the correct key combination, the vehicle then automatically switches from longlife to an interval of 15.000 km. You should of course also do that in the service book note. If the change was made, it should stay that way for the rest of the car's life.

Reset service interval 2 Longlife OIL or fixed interval? The most important information!

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