Can you retrofit a power steering / Servotronic?

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Active steering Dynamic steering Servotronic retrofitting 3 e1586341589444 Can you retrofit a power steering / Servotronic?

If you drive an older vehicle without power steering or Servotronic, you will be wondering whether a steering relief can be retrofitted. Various forum entries on the topic can be found on the Internet, but retrofitting is not always considered sensible for cost reasons. Retrofitting is sometimes extremely expensive and time-consuming and is only worthwhile for tuning enthusiasts who like to put money in their car. Equipping an old VW Golf 2 or Opel Kadett with a servo to fulfill its purpose is likely to be economic nonsense. To upgrade the lovingly cared for oldi and to miss an added value, the retrofitting makes sense. A distinction is made between the hydraulic steering and the electrically assisted variant. The latter can be installed so that the character of the original steering system is retained.

Use original translation

Power steering Servotronic retrofitting electrical e1586940742764 Can you retrofit a power steering / Servotronic?
by EZ Electric Power Steering

If you want to install electrically assisted steering, you can use the original translation (or another one) and usually adjust the power assistance. The electrically assisted variant with built-in electrically driven servo motor is also speed dependent. Depending on the model, installation can often even be carried out without drilling or welding, since only the handlebar has to be replaced. This is an advantage if the vehicle needs to be restored to its original state at some point. The built-in electric motor for easier steering only works when it is really needed. If you install a hydraulic pump and do not want to / cannot use an electric steering system, you will have to reckon with more effort and even more fuel consumption. The hydraulic pump is always active while driving and needs some power from the engine to be driven. In the electronic version, a potentiometer is installed under the dashboard. The power assistance can be set using the potentiometer. The retrofitted electric steering lightening is available in noiseless versions and some can be supplied as a universal retrofit kit. Furthermore, unlike hydraulics, it is maintenance-free.

Power steering - vehicle-specific variants available

Power steering Servotronic retrofitting electrical 2 Can a power steering / Servotronic retrofit be carried out?

Vehicle-specific steering rods are available in stores that already have an integrated servo motor and are suitable for the specially selected vehicle. The articles correspond to modern technologies and can be requested for the respective vehicle. The power steering should, however, be obtained from a reputable manufacturer so that it can be used safely and without hesitation. After all, it controls the vehicle and a sudden failure can occur due to the "Moment of surprise“Have unpleasant consequences! The electric steering facilities should not affect the steering in the event of a failure and it should be possible to steer as before the conversion. The vehicle-specific modification of the steering should be reversible if the original state is to be restored.

Retrofit power steering / Servotronic

Retrofitting a power steering or an electrically assisted steering aid (for example from EZ Electric Power Steering) is possible, but costs a lot of money and time. Vehicle-specific handlebars are available for converting the electric variant and can be obtained from a specialist dealer. The electrical variants offer advantages over hydraulic conversions. They become active depending on the speed and do not work the whole way, like hydraulic variants. As a result, they are lower in consumption than hydraulic variants. Furthermore, in most cases, no welding and no modification to the motor is necessary to install the electric handlebar relief. If you have not yet carried out such an installation, you should definitely contact a specialist workshop. It is also advisable to ask about other variants of the conversion in order to get an overview of the costs and benefits of the conversion.

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Active steering Dynamic steering Servotronic retrofitting 2 e1586341372508 Can you retrofit a power steering / Servotronic?

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