Replacing the rear seat bench with a single seat system!

This report discusses the possibility of replacing the vehicle's rear seat with a Single seat system to replace. For this purpose, the legal conditions, technical aspects and manufacturer recommendations with regard to the seat, the seat rails and the belts are examined.

install a single seat system

  • Legal circumstances: The conversion from a rear bench seat to a single seat system may be permitted in many countries, provided it complies with the regulations. In Germany, for example, such a conversion is generally permitted if it meets the requirements of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO). However, acceptance by the TÜV or a comparable testing organization is necessary in any case in order to confirm road safety and compliance with legal requirements. It is therefore advisable to find out about the specific requirements and regulations in advance.
  • Technical aspects:
    a) seat: When choosing a suitable individual seat, it is important to pay attention to its quality, comfort and safety. Sports seats often offer better lateral support and greater seating comfort. Make sure that the seat has an approval and is suitable for the planned conversion.
    b) Seat rails: The seat rails are crucial for the secure attachment of the individual seat. Make sure that the rails are suitable for the respective vehicle model in combination with the seat and that they comply with the applicable safety standards. A professional installation of the seat rails is of course essential.
    c) Straps: Seat belts must meet safety requirements and be properly installed. It is important that the seat belts are compatible with the selected seat and also comply with legal requirements.

  • Manufacturer recommendations: There are various manufacturers who have specialized in such vehicle conversions and accessories. Some of the best-known suppliers of seats, seat rails and belts are:
    – Recaro: A renowned sports seat manufacturer offering a wide range of models and accessories.
    – Sparco: Another well-known manufacturer of sports seats, harnesses and accessories.
    – King: A German manufacturer that offers sports seats and accessories for various vehicle models.
    –Bride: A Japanese manufacturer that produces sports seats, seat rails and seat belts.

The concrete conversion – what to look out for?

Of course, the implementation depends on the type of vehicle. There is no blanket statement at all! For example, if you want to exchange a 2/3 rear seat for two individual seats, the anchor points are crucial. Since the belt attachment points are not attached to the seat itself, this question should be easy to answer. In any case, there will be one individual acceptance to be required. It must also be ensured that the seat remains in place in the event of an impact and that the substructure does not break out. This could be achieved with a simple metal frame at the original mounting points onto which the seats bolt.

All in all, it should be possible to attach a rear cross brace to the original mounts and pull up a backrest attachment from there (depending on the vehicle). The seat could then be attached to the front with a well-sized hinge and snapped into the original latch with a metal pin. Regardless of the method chosen, it is discord It is advisable to prepare a drawing in advance, prepare the vehicle and take the components to the testing organization to discuss them. The main problem might be to get an expert opinion for the self-made seat console. One possibility would be to use a universal seat console, for example from Sandtler rallying or similar, which often has a strength report directly.

And some reviewers may want to have an appraisal for the console, others for the mounting points, or both straight away. However, this can prove difficult. It is often even required that the belts must be attached to the original points, i.e. the belts, belt buckles and their attachment points. Overall, it is therefore advisable to consult the responsible examiner in advance. Responsible in this context means that the examiner is authorized to carry out Individual acceptance according to § 21 must have, which is usually an engineer or often the test center manager himself.

And finally ...

  • The conversion of a rear seat bench to a single seat system (regardless of whether it is a central individual seat, a seat on the right or left, etc.) is possible in principle, provided that the legal requirements and safety requirements are observed. Careful planning and selection of the right components are definitely crucial for the success of the project. It is advisable to be sure advance informed about the legal situation. The conversion can be successful through cooperation with renowned manufacturers and compliance with legal regulations.

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