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Back then trendy: Sinti sickles / Radlaufchrom on the car

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Tuning Sinti sickles Radlaufchrom Radlaufleisten Radlaufring Radlaufblenden Radlaufschutz At that time fully in the trend: Sinti sickles / Radlaufchrom on the car

So-called “Sinti sickles” are still used today, although the name is really not very correct. These are chrome panels that are attached over the wheel arches. This is still true today, although they not only have advantages. Other terms for accessories on the car are chrome wheel arches, wheel arch strips, wheel arch rings, wheel arch covers or the term wheel arch protection is a common term nowadays.

Sinti sickles or Radlaufschutz

Tuning Sinti sickles Radlaufchrom Radlaufleisten Wheelrace Radlaufblenden Radlaufschutz 2 At that time in the trend: Sinti sickles / Radlaufchrom on the car

Unfortunately, the Radlaufblenden today often used to cover rusty areas quickly. But under the Radlaufschutz the rust can continue undisturbed his work and remains undetected. This is annoying when someone buys a car that has already been eaten by the rust. Since then, the cheap purchase can quickly become very expensive because unnoticed from a small rust bladder is a Durchrostung. However, the apertures also have advantages. Because the modified wheel arches look really good depending on the vehicle and one or the other Rempler forgive them too. But it should always be looked up as the condition of the fender under the sheet is. Almost always the wheel arch are fastened with screws on the car. Here then the paint is damaged and the weather does the rest. Therefore, the Radlaufschutz should always be attached with care and if possible resorted to a variant for gluing. Visually a nice thing, but quite a few weak points. The wheel arches were formerly used particularly frequently in Mercedes vehicles. To date, there are still old models that have the Radlaufschutz.

Advantages and application

Tuning Sinti sickles Radlaufchrom Radlaufleisten Wheelrace Radlaufblenden Radlaufschutz 3 At that time in the trend: Sinti sickles / Radlaufchrom on the car

To date, these wheel arches are used because they are so practical and yet shapely. The advantage here is that it can easily hide unsightly spots on the paint. If it is scratches that is ok, but it shows the rust before the fender should be expertly de-rusted so that the damaged areas can not spread further. Especially if a car is to be sold with such a Radlaufschutz, that is very important for the buyer. Otherwise, there are the Sinti sickles not only for Mercedes, but until today for almost all other vehicles. However, the name is viewed critically because it is a politically incorrect expression on its background but not to elaborate. So use as a name just Radlaufchrom or Radlauschutz and good. All in all, the chrome panels are nice to look at, even if they have some disadvantages. If you pay a little attention to certain parts of the car, but will have more of the chrome panels. Remarkable they are today, no matter what name. Important is the simple attachment and so some unsightly places can be temporarily hidden. When buying a car, it would be better to take a look below to avoid disappointment.

available for many vehicle brands

Tuning Sinti Sickles Radlaufchrom Radlaufleisten Radlaufring Radlaufblenden Radlaufschutz 4 e1560754700902 At that time in the trend: Sinti sickles / Radlaufchrom on the car

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