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Just a vision? 8 grams of thorium for 100 years of driving!

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Cadillac World Thorium Fuel WTF Concept Study Just a Vision? 8 grams of thorium for 100 years of driving!

It was a good 8 years ago that it caused me to Thorium Fuel Concept Car by Cadillac for a sensation. However, no one has heard of it since. But what is Thorium actually? Thorium is an extremely dense and light radioactive metal. So it represents a clean alternative to uranium it is called, with 8 grams of thorium could be a Electric car for 100 years are driven. That is why the company researched and researched Laser Power Systems (LPS) from Connecticut on the alternative energy for the electric car. According to various sources on the Internet, thorium is considered to be Energy source of the future. And the company Laser Power Systems is also positive about thorium. Because with only 8 grams it should be possible to have an electric car for 100 years to drive. That was found after the Nordic god Thor named and slightly radioactive metal of Hans Morten Thrane Esmark in the year 1828.

1 gram of thorium = 28.000 liters of gasoline

Cadillac World Thorium Fuel WTF Concept Study 2 Just a Vision? 8 grams of thorium for 100 years of driving!

Laser Power Systems has been experimenting with small amounts of thorium for years. Its high density allows it to last for a long time give off a lot of heat. Through this one can Laser drive. This laser heats waterwhich as Steam a Mini turbine drives. These Mini turbine it is that which then generates the electrical current to drive the vehicle. Nice 1 grams Thorium is supposed to generate the same energy as 28.000 liters of gasoline. And variants at the time the drive only weighed approx. 250 kilograms and, according to the manufacturer, could have been installed in any conventional car.

The clear one Disadvantage von Thorium: It can less profit do!

With Uranium more money can be made than with thorium. Because uranium is round five times more expensive than the metal thorium. For example, the whole of Switzerland could be supplied with electricity for 200.000 francs for one year if it switched completely to thorium. The two metals differ not only in terms of price. Even under President Nixon, the US government gave preference to uranium. That's because uranium is the waste product as a fuel Plutonium produced. This was used in the past for the manufacture of A bombs needed. In the earth's crust, thorium is three times more abundant than uranium and has a half-life of over 14 billion years on. At the same time it is just little radioactive and generated hardly any waste products. Specifically, it means that when generating energy around 98 Prozent of the metal burned clean will. Uranium, however, only becomes 2 to 5 percent burned clean.

Physics offers security

Liquid salt reactor Thorium drive Just a vision? 8 grams of thorium for 100 years of driving!
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For energy generation from thorium is a Liquid salt reactor necessary. Here the thorium comes with a Fluoride salt compound solved and then the Reactor chamber fed. Because it is exposed to neutron radiation, it decays here Uranium-233. When fed into the reactor and split, his Energy released. While with conventional Pressurized water reactors an overpressure is required, the fluoride solution is under normal pressure at around 650 degree. At the same time can on Fuel rods can be omitted because the fuel has been dissolved in a liquid. If no more liquid is supplied, the reactor stops. Furthermore, the reactor can regulate itself, since the reactivity of the fuel decreases with increasing temperature. That means one Explosion is excluded.

A long-term alternative for the environment!

Already after 300 years the radioactive waste is harmless. This radioactive waste can possibly be incinerated. However, thorium is already formed when it is burned 1000 times less radioactive wastewhich is a clear plus point for environmental compatibility. In addition, it is not possible in this way Uranium or Plutonium for building a atomic bomb branch off. This makes thorium an interesting alternative for clean power generation However, the greater potential lies in Hydropower, Wind power and solar power - so in the renewable energy sources. Combined with one Hydrogen propulsion environmentally friendly energy could be generated, stored and used. Ultimately, it doesn't matter which energy source you choose. It is more important to pay attention to each technology's impact on the ecosystem could have. This means that the possible dangers and influences as well as the different scenarios must be taken into account. It takes courage to leave the old paths and enter new ones. Still, it is one radioactive substancewho is a difficult to predict Hazard potential has.

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Cadillac World Thorium Fuel WTF Concept Study 3 Just a Vision? 8 grams of thorium for 100 years of driving!

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