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The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

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The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

For the 2022 model year, the Suzuki KATANA has been significantly revised. The Euro 5 compliant engine impresses with an even fuller torque curve, and numerous new assistance systems support the driver. The new color concept and the equipment with premium components underline the value of the vehicle.

High-performance four-cylinder

The new Suzuki KATANA is powered by the fundamentally revised engine of the GSX-R1000. The high-performance four-cylinder draws 152 hp from its 999 cubic centimeter displacement and impresses with a significantly more balanced performance and torque curve. While high torque is available even at low engine speeds, the maximum power has increased by 1000 revs. Good drivability is combined with sporty revving.

State-of-the-art assistance systems

With the latest generation of the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS), the driver receives a package of electronic assistance systems that enables perfect driving pleasure under all conditions. The new KATANA is equipped as standard with the Suzuki Drive-Mode-Selector (SDMS), which offers three driving modes. In addition, there is the disengageable, five-stage traction control (STCS), e-gas, bidirectional Quick-Shifter, Suzuki Easy-Start-System, Low-RPM-Assist for easier starting and of course ABS.

The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

Light sports chassis for maximum agility

The compact, lightweight chassis is designed for agility. This makes the KATANA particularly suitable for sporty country road trips and jaunts through the city. An upright sitting position and the comfortable seat height of 825 millimeters underline the everyday demands. The high-quality chassis ensures safe road holding with sporty driving comfort. The 43 mm USD fork from KYB is fully adjustable, the central spring strut, which is linked via a lever, can be adjusted in terms of spring preload and rebound damping. A braking system at super sports level with 320 double discs and monoblock saddles from Brembo ensures safe deceleration.

The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

Multifunctional instrument cluster

The brightness-adjustable LCD instrument cluster offers a wide range of information in a compact format. The well thought-out layout enables the displayed values ​​to be recorded quickly. The display is flanked by clear LED indicators for important vehicle functions.

The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

Full LED lighting system

The KATANA lighting system is based entirely on LED technology. The powerful light cone of the headlight ensures clear illumination of the roadway and good visibility. The combined LED rear light is characterized by sharp lines and a unique light pattern. The discreet LED indicators are located on the license plate holder attached to the swing arm, which contributes to the clean, taut look of the rear end.

Color concept

The unmistakable design language of the KATANA is given a fresh look through new paintwork and decorative strips, while at the same time the value of the vehicle is emphasized. While the colors of the 2020 KATANA refer to the roots of the model, the current plain colors and matt surfaces of the KATANA 2022 underline the modernity of the vehicle concept. The fork is now golden, the swing arm is gray, and the coating on the rims follows the respective color scheme. In Germany, the new KATANA is delivered in the colors Metallic Mat Stellar Blue and Solid Iron Gray.

The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

Availability and price

The KATANA will be available from authorized dealers in Germany from early summer 2022. The RRP of Suzuki Deutschland GmbH is 14.200 euros, plus transfer costs.

The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

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The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

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The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

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The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!

The new 2022 Suzuki KATANA - sharper than ever!
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