Sunday, April 14, 2024


Suzuki is a Japanese manufacturer known for its automobiles, motorcycles, and outboard motors, founded by Michio Suzuki in 1909. The company is the world's second largest exporter of motorcycles and has its German headquarters in Bensheim. In the 50s, Suzuki presented its first two-wheeler with an engine and only two years later the first motorcycle was presented. Over the decades, machines with different strengths and for different occasions have come onto the market - and they have already won 1949 titles in the motorcycle world championship since 30 (as of 2020). The motorcycles are not only popular machines in competition, but are also suitable for almost everyone thanks to their suitability for everyday use. So automobiles and motorcycles are also often subjected to tuning by hobbyists. Chiptuning is known, which is used in the car tuning scene to subsequently increase performance. The engine tuning is available for many Suzuki models and can either be completely adapted, optimized with existing data sets or independently, or it can be installed and removed from a control unit with a tuning box.