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A noticeable difference: the relief and structural foiling

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Relief structure foiling 3D foil A noticeable difference: the relief and structure foiling

There are different variants of the popular "car wrapping", the wrapping of the car. From pure Paint protection film, to thicker films that also protect against falling rocks, to sophisticated films with structure or logo implementation. The latter in particular offer an enormous variety. Snake patterns, the car brand as a 3D effect under the foiling or a non-slip leather feel - modern foiling offers many possibilities. For example, it is also possible to upgrade the interior of your vehicle to make the dashboard, steering wheel or even gear stick in different variations of the foiling an eye-catcher.

3D foiling as an eye catcher

Relief Structural Foiling 3D Foil Wrapping A noticeable difference: The relief and structural foiling

With conventional foiling, the smooth lacquer is covered with a thin film. The color and texture can be changed as desired without damaging the actual paint job. 3D foiling leaves more scope. As a rule, it is not rolled flat like calendered foils, but rather cast. In this way it has no memory effect - a calendered film tries to find its way back to its original shape after gluing and can partially peel off. This is not the case with a cast 3D film. It is a bit thicker and more flexible, both vehicles with a lot of bumps (for example rivets), as well as the interior of the car. The film is applied here and attached using a hot air blower. Then it is cut to size, depending on the surface being glued on. A widespread area of ​​application for stable 3D foils is relief foiling. Different layers of 3D foils are used in the relief film. To do this, a shape is cut out of a film, usually with a cutting plotter. The cut-out piece of film is applied as the first layer at the desired location. Then the next film is applied over the whole area, trimmed accordingly and glued on. The result is a relief that can be felt and seen. Almost everything is possible here - from the car brand or a logo to artistic geometric shapes. Like most types of film, the 3D film is also very weather-resistant.

Structure and pattern foils

Relief Structural Foiling 3D Foil Wrapping 3 A noticeable difference: The relief and structural foiling

With structural foils, sophisticated patterns, transitions and structures are worked into the foil. These special types of foils are more complex to produce than simple, smooth foils and are somewhat more expensive to purchase. But they are qualitative and catch the eye of the beholder. Structural foils are available in a wide variety of designs. The film is very popular, for example, in a classic, metallic carbon look, which gives the vehicle a high-quality, hard style. Other options are textured foils with a snake pattern, as well as imitation leather. With the latter, the scope ranges from different, single-colored leather types to buffalo and crocodile leather optics. The possibilities are almost unlimited here too.

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Relief structure foiling 3D foil wrapping 4 e1585637838222 A noticeable difference: the relief and structure foiling

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