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Out and about in the Golf with +700 hp every day? Then it's a daily driver!

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Restomod 1958 Chevrolet Cameo Flame Optics Tuning 12 Daily with +700 HP in the Golf? Then it's a daily driver!

Under a Daily Driver one usually understands a classic car that is technically in very good shape, so that it is still today as a daily driver can be used. A daily driver differs from classic cars with which one is reluctant to cover distances longer than a few kilometers and which is only driven for a few hours a year. Rather, a Daily Driver vehicle is actually available every day, regardless of which routes and requirements have to be mastered. Is a vehicle modified beyond the normal range (more than just a chip tuning or a sports exhaust), but can be used at the same time like a normal production vehicle, then we are also talking about a daily driver. Take one for example Audi RS3 with more than from 1.000 HP. So +150% increase in performance. At first glance, one might think that such a vehicle is either only suitable for the racetrack, for Sunday drives without much mileage, or for the quarter mile. But can the RS3 be used every day, for example, for commuting, and does not have to be essential especially are treated, then one speaks of a "daily driver". A daily driver is reliable and extensive normal use.

What should a daily driver bring?

BMW E46 S54 M3 Motor Swap E30 M3 Tuning 36 On the road with +700 hp in the Golf every day? Then it's a daily driver!

For reliability and good technical condition, a vehicle model should be selected that is already solidly designed. It has been shown time and again that solid vehicle models as daily drivers have the best prerequisites to always be able to cope with everyday demands. The age of the car does not play an important role here. Even a 25-year-old vehicle can still provide excellent service in everyday life if it has a solid design. With or without tuning! As a daily driver, the vehicle should be drivable all year round, or at least in one season. When looking for the right model, key points such as convertible top, manual transmission, all-wheel drive or the number of doors should be taken into account. Basically, it makes sense to ensure that the vehicle has as few electronic extras as possible. Because over the years, these are always exactly those areas that quickly become defective due to wear and tear and can put a heavy strain on the budget in repairs.

+1.000 PS in the RS7? This is also a daily driver!

Vollfolierung HGP Power Nebulus Audi RS7 Sportback Tuning Header Daily with +700 PS in the Golf? Then it's a daily driver!

We recommend vehicles with an engine capacity designed for many hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The focus here is on vehicles from Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volvo. With powers of several hundred thousand kilometers, the engines from these manufacturers have made a name for themselves. Spare parts are also easily available for repairs to the vehicle because they are often still sold somewhere. And you should behave in a very similar way when tuning. For example, if you choose one over 700 PS strong HGP VW Golf, then one can assume that this vehicle is also called Daily Driver is usable. The increase in performance is extremely high, but the company is known for the fact that the conversions can still be used on a daily basis stable are. In terms of everyday suitability, personal needs should always be taken into account so that the right vehicle model is selected. It starts with the loading volume of the vehicle, if you consider the practical side. In particular, comparisons can also be made with regard to the maintenance costs, required maintenance costs and other costs if several vehicles are available.

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1993 Toyota Supra Mk IV Widebody 2JZ GE Turbo Tuning 8 On the road in the Golf with +700 PS every day? Then it's a daily driver!

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Retrofitting an umbrella bag with an umbrella compartment Tuning e1606396336185 310x165 On the road with +700 PS every day in the Golf? Then it's a daily driver!

Retrofitting an on-board socket in the car? How to do it!

Retrofit on-board socket cigarette lighter e1606722013894 310x165 On the road with +700 hp in the Golf every day? Then it's a daily driver!

What is a stretch limousine / chauffeur limousine?

smart fortwo gets the stretch treatment becomes 1 310x165 Daily with +700 hp in the Golf? Then it's a daily driver!

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Smava tuning blog credit 12 e1618563898711 Daily with +700 PS in the Golf on the go? Then it's a daily driver!

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