Friday 24th September 2021

4 × 4 camper vehicles for $ 12.000 on Alibaba?

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4x4 China Camper Vehicles Alibaba 2 4x4 Camper Vehicles for $ 12.000 on Alibaba?

Can this be? A Chinese one 4 × 4 motorhome for just $ 12.000 on the platform Alibaba? And the “vehicle” doesn't even seem to have a name. We are always talking about "Modern 4 × 4 Off Road Truck Camper". And this camper, currently owned by the company Foshan Kindle Technology Co. is offered, according to Alibaba even has one Examination from TUV Rheinland receive. If you order 1 or 2 vehicles, the price per vehicle should be only 12.000 US Dollars (approx. € 10.130) are without "shipping costs" or other taxes. Unfortunately, the ad on Alibaba says nothing about which vehicle is used as the basis for the camping setup. But apparently it's not about the entire vehicle, but maybe just about the shell. The key data of a height of 2.460 mm (96 inches), a length of 4.300 mm (169 inches) and a width of 2010 mm (79 inches) fit the camper, which supposedly offers space for four people, rather than the entire vehicle .

hardly any details about the camper available

The camping structure is finished Aluminium and the flooring is a "wood floor". No more is said about it. In addition, the camper has a maximum payload of 1.000 kg (2.204 lbs). In the interior there is apparently a small kitchen with an oven and sink including a faucet and also a toilet, a dining area, a refrigerator, a loft bed and for the outside even an outdoor kitchen, a grill, a hob, a drawer and an induction hob as well as a sink should be available be. From one heatingto Air conditioning up to "cabling“But there is no trace. Huh? If you need all of this, you apparently have to add another 8.000 US dollars (approx. 6.747 €) on top. Nevertheless, you could have an “off-road” camper for only US $ 20.000 (approx. € 16.857). Can this be?

4x4 China Camper Vehicles Alibaba 1 4x4 Camper Vehicles for $ 12.000 on Alibaba?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

tuningblog has many more news around the topic Camping and RV at the beginning. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. Our focus is especially on converted Campers & mobile homes. This means that you will find fewer reports on classic standard motorhomes here, but much more we try to present specially modified specimens that show that the topic is also Tuning is represented in the camping & RV scene. Following an excerpt of the last campers and campers:

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4 × 4 camper vehicles for $ 12.000 on Alibaba

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