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The caravan load: this must be taken into account!

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Unload the caravan team The caravan load: this must be observed!

If you want to go on vacation with your caravan, then you have surely already benefited from the caravan Charging belongs. But only a few know what it is actually about. This post reports which Options for charging exist and which measures are useful. Learn what a caravan surcharge is kostet have and what Advantages and disadvantages You arise. This article is aimed at all caravan owners who are concerned with the topic of caravan loading and who want to understand the meaning and purpose behind it.

The caravan surcharge!

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  1. What is behind the name?
  2. Can all caravans be charged?
  3. When does a caravan make sense?
  4. The caravan document surcharge
  5. Exchange of suspension elements
  6. Chassis component replacement
  7. Replacement of the chassis
  8. Manufacturer information on the caravan load:
  9. Important data on the chassis for the caravan load
  10. What does a caravan charge cost?
  11. advantages and disadvantages
  12. More information about caravans?

What is behind the name?

Charging the caravan Camper Charging the caravan: this must be taken into account!

Every vehicle, trailer and caravan has a registered, permitted total weight noted in the papers. The permissible total weight tells you how much the weight is during operation may be maximum so that the construction is not damaged under the increased load. If the permissible total weight is not sufficient, you can take appropriate measures and aim for a higher total weight. But the adjustment must accepted and registered only then is the vehicle allowed to move on the streets.  "back

Can all caravans be charged?

Almost anything is possible, the only question that arises is whether the measure will be implemented useful is. A caravan surcharge can be expensive and with one high technical effort stay in contact. It is important to carefully consider whether the additional charge is really worthwhile. Some caravans can be easily increased, while other models require more complex intervention. When the chassis and other chassis components cannot are designed for the load, the measure can be expensive and uneconomical. In many cases, the chassis must then be exchanged, whereby high costs can arise.  "back

When does a caravan make sense?

When you buy a new model of caravan, you get one Weighing report also. From this you can see how high the Difference between the empty weight and the permissible total weight is. You will find out at a glance which payload is allowed and can prepare accordingly for the trip. Unfortunately, it looks different with used caravans. Here you usually do not find out what difference there is between the gross vehicle weight and the curb weight and you are in the dark with regard to the payload. It makes sense to have the loaded trailer and before to be weighed for the journey. Many travel enthusiasts experience a state of shock when they realize how heavy the loaded caravan really is.

Not infrequently the trouble is great when the payload not enough and you can't take everything with you on vacation. It's best to think about it and before the purchase of which additional equipment has to be taken on the trip. Do you have heavy e-bikes? Do you want to install a satellite system? Think about the extra weight you take on with each piece. Good if you think about it from the start and one Document loading for caravans. You can find out how to do this in the next section.  "back

What measures are there to increase the burden?

There are altogether come different ways of loading the caravan and increasing the total weight. Find out which measures are possible and choose the most sensible method for charging.

Load the caravan camper springs The caravan load: it is important to note!

  • The caravan document surcharge

Sometimes a lower gross vehicle weight is entered in the vehicle documents than is actually permitted. In this case, it's worth it Document loadingbecause for that are none technical or structural changes to the caravan are necessary. Simply get one from the manufacturer Clearance certificate and have the charge entered. TÜV, DEKRA and other test centers inspect the clearance certificate and carry out the acceptance. The measure allows you to carry a higher payload of up to 200 kg reach and have taken an inexpensive measure. For the document load you have to between 200 and 300 EUR plan on.  "back

  • Replacement of the suspension elements as a measure to increase the caravan load

The exchange all suspension elements. The technical expert from the workshop knows whether a harder or softer spring frame is possible and which frames are suitable for the model to be loaded. Alternatively, you can get information directly from the manufacturer and find out the corresponding spring elements assemble it yourselfif you have specialist knowledge and the working conditions. With this measure, you can up to 200 kg achieve more payload. However, replacing the suspension components can be expensive. Depending on the model and the time required, the replacement usually costs between 400 and 1.000 EUR "back

  • Chassis component replacement for more payload

It depends on whether individual chassis components have to be replaced or whether the entire chassis has to be replaced. If individual components have to be replaced, it can be the axle, the bars or the shock absorbers. In addition to these components, there are many more that can be expensive. With the component swap, the maximum load can be increased Increase 400 kg. The costs for this measure can be 1.500 to 4.000 EUR turn off.  "back

  • Replacement of the chassis

If you up to 500 kg want to achieve more payload, then only a complete Undercarriage replacement respectively. However, this is much more expensive than replacing individual chassis components. The entire vehicle is then removed from the chassis and placed on a more stable frame (if available at all) assembled. This method of increasing the caravan load is one of the most complex and expensive measures. For this you have to 4.000 to 6.000 EUR Plan in and calculate whether this measure is worthwhile at all. Maybe another used caravan is a better alternative?  "back

What information for the caravan load?

Who his caravan to charge wants, he needs information about the manufacturer and technical information about the respective model. You need the following information about the caravan if you are considering the caravan load.

Charging the caravan Camper documents Charging the caravan: it is important to note!

Manufacturer information on the caravan load:

  • Caravan type or model designation
  • Drawing number / manufacturer chassis
  • currently entered and permissible total weight
  • Year of manufacture and date of first registration
  • Chassis or serial number
  • required total weight  "back

Important data on the chassis for the caravan load

  • Axle model and type (label in the middle of the axis)
  • Tires and special features: e.g. type of tire, load capacity and size
  • Existing drainage device, type and model  "back

What does a caravan charge cost?

When it comes to what a caravan surcharge costs, then that depends Caravan model, the desired payload and the difference to the empty weight. It also plays a role whether the caravan is retrofitted with technical highlights that go far beyond the permitted weight specifications.

Handing over banknotes Borrowing a car Charging the caravan: this must be taken into account!

It depends on whether a Document loading sufficient, or whether the entire chassis has to be replaced. The manufacturer provides important information and documents about the load and can equip the caravan model accordingly. With these guide values ​​you have an orientation and can better estimate the costs for the caravan load:

  • The document load is the cheapest option

You pay average for a document load 200 - 300 EUR.

  • Replacing the spring frame as the next option for increasing the caravan load

Replacing the spring frame can cost 400 to 1.000 EUR, depending on which caravan you are using.

  • Exchange of the individual vehicle components

It depends on which components have to be replaced. Depending on this, the cost of the caravan surcharge can be between 1.500 and 4.000 EUR.

  • Exchange of the entire chassis

This measure is the most expensive variant of the caravan charge and usually costs between 4000 and 6000 EUR.

  • Costs for assessment and acceptance by TÜV / DEKRA etc.

For the decrease you need about 30 to 120 EUR put aside.

  • Registration costs at the registration office

To register the changes to the vehicle, you have to be around 60 to 120 EUR only then are you allowed to move on the streets and equip your motorhome with the additional load.  "back

What are the advantages and disadvantages of adding extra weight to the caravan?

If you are planning to increase the caravan load, you may only have an overview of the advantages. However, increasing the load on the caravan can also have disadvantages, so it is advisable to obtain sufficient information. An essential one Advantage the caravan load is that you can take more luggage and additional equipment on the trip. For many campers it is a dream to integrate a satellite system in the caravan and to take their own bicycles, snowboards or other sports equipment with them. If you have loaded the caravan, you can pack a few things extra and don't have to worry about overloading the caravan.

Coach driver's license, truck, motorcycle The caravan load: this must be taken into account!

Disadvantages can also arise from the caravan load. This can be seen in the example of the 100 approval. Is the tractor and trailer combination approved with a 100 approval and is the permissible total mass, after loading higher than the empty weight of the towing vehicle, then the 100 approval nothing more valid. If you want to apply for a 100 approval, then the empty weight of the towing vehicle must be be higher, than the maximum permissible mass of the caravan. This is the only way to ensure that the tractor-trailer combination is safe in various traffic situations. More on this in our article "100 approval for caravans: you should know!".

Another disadvantage could be the Driver's license prepare. If you only have a driver's license the class B then your team may together weigh no more than 3.500 kg. In this situation, the costs for the B96 driving license come on top again. If the combination exceeds the permissible total weight of 4.125 kg, then the next higher one has to be Driving license class BE to be striven for. A precise recalculation is always worthwhile. More information can be found in our article "Motorhome and driver's license: this is important to note!".  "back

More information about caravans?

Do you have further questions all about tuning and vehicle repairs? Would you like extensive information on the subject Motorhome and caravan to find out? Did you know, for example, that you can not only load a caravan, but also remove it? That’s exactly what we’ve been looking for inCaravan load reduction: what you should know!" employed. And in our category Camping & RV you will find other interesting topics for a safe and relaxed journey with the caravan.  "back

Airstream International 25IB US Caravan Europe 7 The caravan load: it is important to note!

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