Camping and the topic of parking, driver's license, staying overnight, speed limits!

There are a few things to consider when traveling in a motorhome. A camper van is practical, but it is different to drive compared to a conventional car. So not only the size is a challenge for some. The following guide explains the most important things for driving a caravan.

What driver's license do you need for a mobile home?

This is relatively easy to answer. In general, the driver's license required depends on the vehicle weight. So you need for mobile homes under 3,5 tons just a driver's license class B. For vehicles for up to 7,5 tons is already a driver's license Class C1 necessary. However, if you obtained your class 3 license before 1999, you can drive vehicles under 3,5 tons as well as vehicles up to 7,5 tons.

What to look out for when driving a mobile home?

Driving a motorhome is always an experience! It requires some practice and is not comparable to driving a conventional car. The mobile home is not only longer, but also heavier. Driving straight ahead is usually the easiest. However, if you want to change lanes on the motorway, you should be sure that you cannot overlook anyone in the blind spot due to the length of the vehicle. Therefore, the exterior mirrors are particularly important when driving a mobile home. Special caution is also required when reversing and turning in built-up areas.

When you rent an RV for the first time, you usually get one detailed Introduction from the provider and a Test drive under guidance should take the first fear. So you get the complete facility and equipment explained in detail. Not only do you learn everything you need to know about gas bottle, WC, shower cabin, galley, lifting bed, the power connection and sewage and fresh water, one will also have that Load limits and sensible loading informed. What many do not know is that high penalties are possible in the event of overcharging.

Motorhome driving requires a lot of practice and if you are not sure, you should ask in advance Driver training / driving safety training graduate This is offered by the ADAC, for example. If you want to practice alone, a large, empty parking lot is ideal. Incidentally, a passenger is always a great advantage when driving a motorhome.

Are there speed limits when driving a motorhome?

The maximum speed allowed depends on the mobile home by weight. And speed limits vary from country to country. Therefore it makes sense to advance to be informed precisely. In Germany, caravans with a maximum weight of 3,5 tons are allowed outside of the village 100 km/h driving on freeways 120 and there are sometimes no restrictions on freeways. However, the ADAC recommends no faster than 130 km/h my next destination.

Are you allowed to stay and park anywhere with the mobile home?

In general, traveling with a motorhome is very flexible. But you can't just stand still everywhere. Of course, like any other road user, you have to obey the Road Traffic Act. If you are tired and want to rest, you can of course do so and sleep directly in the mobile home in the parking lot. But this is for a period of up to 10 hours limited. What though is when you put the camping chairs and deckchairs in front of the mobile home at the rest area and pull out the awning giving the impression that you have found your new campsite.

If you plan to stay somewhere longer, then there are special approved ones for this Campgrounds or RV parking. These can be easily found via various apps or other websites on the net. In general, you can also park your mobile home wherever it is permitted and possible for cars. However, this is usually problematic due to the length of the vehicles, as they often require two parking spaces or protrude onto the street and sometimes block the view Road Signs block. This must of course be avoided.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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