the new 2023 Living Vehicle Travel Trailer is here!

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2023 Living Vehicle Travel Trailer 31

As a manufacturer of premium caravans Living Vehicle worldwide known. And now there is news for the 2023 range, which can now optionally even produce water. This makes you even more independent. The system works by sucking in ambient air and lowering the temperature to freezing point, causing the water vapor it contains to liquify. Then filter in treatment process the water and removes microbes, bacteria and viruses. The result is up to 19 liters of drinking water that can be produced per day. The power for the system comes from roof-mounted Sonnenkollektoren. The aim of Living Vehicle was to camping trailer to create, which enables a completely self-sufficient life.

2023 Living Vehicle Travel Trailer

And what already with the solar panels began, which now sets the new possibility water production away. Incidentally, the trailers are included as standard 1.320 watts of solar power equipped and as an upgrade you can even upgrade to 2.600, 3.000 and 3.400 watts. Further stand Batteries from 14,4 to 57,6 kilowatt hours to choose from. And since Living Vehicle's trailers are also aimed at people who work remotely, a complete Office be installed. This includes a 32 or 27 inch screen from Apple, a 16 inch MacBook Pro and an 80 inch (approx. 2 m) Desk made of walnut wood for one or two people. The latter can even be lowered to accommodate a Queen size bed to accomplish.

at least $339.995

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The trailer can also be supplied with countless other amenities. There is always a big one Refrigerator and if you want, you can even have one ice cream machine integrate. Also there is an optional one Stove in marine quality or one dishwasher. Bath is there a shower that measures 32 inches (0,81 m) by 36 inches (0,91 m) and itself Bidet or Outdoor shower are no problem. Only the price quickly becomes a problem. Because it only starts at 339.995 US Dollars and also is one Lead time plan for 10 to 12 months.


Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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2023 Living Vehicle Travel Trailer is here
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