Video: OFF-GRID Tiny House P01 Living Camper!

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OFF GRID Tiny House P01 Living Camper 6

Curtain up for the P01 Prototype home on wheels with black shell. The rolling oasis is designed for a family of three and is equipped with a chic interior, clever storage ideas and much more. Even network independent is the little house on wheels. The P01 was built by Lee Loewen, a designer and builder who owns the company Instead Tiny Homes, which specializes in off-grid RVs. The rolling house is 9,7 meters long and 2,5 meters wide. The outside is all black while the inside features lots wood accents is decorated. While the interior is fairly minimalist, the sense of space seems more than adequate.

Living room with DIY sofa

Behind the sliding glass doors there is a small one Living room with DIY sofa, under which there is a lot of storage space and also a small one breakfast bar with bank there. In addition to the sofa, there is also more Storage space and one Technology cabinet, for laptop or tablet. And there is also a compact one Multi-purpose ladderto the Dachboden leads. While this area is quite small, it can still be a Queen size mattress be laid out. Alternatively, the attic can also be used as a Storage space be used, since below a full-fledged Sleeping area is available. In the video he is called Childrens Furniture used, with mini-cot, chair, cupboard and shelves.

full bathroom

OFF GRID Tiny House P01 Living Camper 14

Next there is a small Bathroom with vanity, one medicine cabinet, washer/dryer combo, glass door shower, sink and nature's head toilet. And also the Kitchen is equipped with all necessary things, like one stainless steel countertopto kitchen sink, One Refrigerator, One Two burner propane cooktop with oven and there is also a lot of storage space. The separate one is not quite as flexible, but effective system shed fur das 4000 watt solar system and the 2000 gallon water storage tank. There is more about the P01 in the video.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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OFF-GRID Tiny House Living Camper!
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