Bosswerk power stations with 500, 1000 or 2000 watts!

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The significantly safer lithium iron phosphate technology is used, which is also more sustainable and easier to service! Power stations – also known as solar generators – are all the rage because they offer a self-sufficient power supply far away from the mains. The previously known petrol or emergency power generators can also do this, but the new generation of power stations from Bosswerk with integrated lithium batteries can do more: They can not only be recharged via the 230 volt power supply or a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. Thanks to pass-through charging, the power stations can be charged when power consumers are connected at the same time. They can also be charged using a solar bag or solar modules via the integrated MPPT solar controller and the existing plug connections.

Bosswerk power stations

The integrated MPPT technology generates up to 30 percent more solar yield than the standard solar controller that is often installed. The many connection options and high battery capacities make the new range interesting for campers, boaters, gardeners and craftsmen. Bosswerk relies on lithium iron phosphate technology (LiFePO4) because it is safer, more durable and more sustainable than Li-LNC and Li-NCA batteries, which are used in most power stations and also in smartphones or power banks. This also applies to the stable housing of the new power stations, which is made of aluminum and not plastic! Bosswerk gives a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee on the devices. Once this has expired, the device can be repaired very quickly and inexpensively, as there are only a few assemblies that are simply plugged in or screwed on. Troubleshooting guide for users will be available as a YouTube video.

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For the operation of electrical devices, Bosswerk offers three different models with a continuous output of 500, 1000 or 2000 watts at 230 volts. In addition to a large number of connections, all models have an integrated LiFePO4 battery, an MPPT solar controller, an inverter for 230 volt AC and a display that shows important charging and discharging parameters. Depending on the performance class, the new solar generators provide various plugs for Schuko, USB, USB-C, Anderson or 12-volt cables. For example, users can charge up to four USB mobile devices at the same time. With Power Delivery with up to 60 watts and Quick Charge 3.0 even up to 4 times faster than with a conventional charger.

Sustainable technology for reliable high performance

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) are installed in all three mobile power plants from Bosswerk. These have a major advantage, especially in terms of safety: no gases, no risk of explosion or fire. In addition, the batteries are absolutely maintenance-free. On the one hand, they are safer than the Li-NMC or Li-NCA batteries that are used in many products from competitors. On the other hand, they do not contain any heavy metals that pollute the environment.

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In addition, the built-in LiFePO4 batteries offer more charging cycles - even if the batteries are always 100 percent charged. Other battery technologies lose performance in this case. In addition, all electronic assemblies can be replaced in just a few minutes if necessary. This allows Bosswerk to give a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee. After the guarantee period has expired, Bosswerk offers the customer a 10-year option to purchase the components. This means that defective aggregates do not end up in electronic scrap, but can be used for at least 15 years.

Versatile areas of application thanks to high flexibility

The Bosswerk Powerstations have a wide range of application examples: Whether traveling in the car, on vacation with roof tents or in a camper vehicle that does not have a complex electrical conversion with a high-quality charging infrastructure, the Powerstations provide energy wherever and whenever it is needed. Charging smartphones on the boat is child's play, as is operating a compressor cooler on the sailing trip. But even a caravan can get an energetic upgrade with the new solar generators. Because the 12-volt installation via the trailer hitch of the towing vehicle brings with it some restrictions that the Bosswerk solution elegantly eliminates: without converting the electrical installation or any assembly. Added to this is commercial use. Craftsmen need electricity on the go or on the construction site, since not all construction machines or power tools have a charged battery.

Three models, always the right size

The flagship, the BW-PS2000LFP, has a continuous output of 2000 watts, peaking at 4000 watts at 230 volts, with a battery capacity of 114 ampere hours at 12,8 volt battery voltage. This corresponds to around 1,46 kilowatt hours of usable storage capacity. It weighs around 20 kilograms and comes in a high-quality 320 x 230 x 330 millimeter aluminum housing. A 230 volt mains adapter and a 12 volt car cable are included as accessories for charging the lithium iron phosphate battery. Alternatively, the power generator is supplied with solar power via the Anderson connector or DC-in. The energy from the power station reaches the corresponding end device via two Schuko plugs, USB, USB 3.0, USB C, two 12 volt DC outputs or the 12 volt cigarette lighter. A large display provides information about the charging status of the power station, the current charging or discharging, the connections and temperatures that are too high or too low.

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With an output of 1000 watts (2000 watts peak), the BW-PS1000LFP represents the perfect balance of power and form factor. The built-in LiFePO4 battery in the 1000 version has a capacity of 90 ampere hours at 12,8 volt battery voltage or 1,15 kilowatt hours of storage capacity. Like its big brother, it is charged via the power grid, the car or a solar panel. The connections and the display are also the same for the 1000 watt version. However, it is smaller at 320 x 230 x 280 millimeters and lighter at 16,5 kilograms. The housing is also made of robust aluminum.

The compact class of the new Bosswerk power stations is the BW-PS500LFP model with 36 ampere hours at 12,8 volt battery voltage and 0,46 kilowatt hours of storage capacity. Measuring 330 x 159 x 158 millimeters, it fits into any car, boat or camping vehicle. The power station only weighs 6,5 kilograms. With two 230 volt sockets, USB, USB C and three 12 volt outputs, even the smallest model in the range is easy to connect. The energy storage is charged via a solar module or 230-volt power pack. Bosswerk power stations will be available from specialist retailers or at from mid-July 2022. The BW-PS2000LFP is available at an RRP of EUR 2150, the BW-PS1000LFP for EUR 1.298 and the 500-watt model BW-PS500LFP for EUR 624,75.

Bosswerk will be presenting the new power stations at the Greenakku stand C93 in hall 13 at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf from August 26.08th to 04.09.2022th. until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX.

Bosswerk PowerStations Group 1 1030x1030 1

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