Audi's mid-range refresh: the SQ8 TFSI in new splendor!

Audi steps on the gas in the SUV luxury class. Midway through the product life rises the Q8 and its luxurious siblings, the SQ8 and RS Q8, in a new light. From the end of 2023 they should shine in the showrooms as editions for the year 2024. The overhaul is subtle, though clear – both optically and technically. Even at first glance you can see that Audi has put its hands on the right places. Especially that one SQ8TFSI shows its sportiest side. The front apron and the redesigned spoilers give it an even more powerful appearance. The sporty underride protection elements at the front and rear draw attention to themselves.

2023 Audi SQ8 TFSI

And then the new one single-frame grille! With vertical L-shaped inserts and the generous, with honeycomb grids stocked air intakes, it makes a good impression. The aluminum look that the Mirror covers and side air intakes is used, skilfully rounds off the design. And if you like it particularly dark, you can use the optics packages "Black" and "Black plus" choose.

But what would an "S or RS-Audi" be without concentrated power under the bonnet? Here the well-known continues to shine 4.0 TFSI engine with impressive 507 PS and a torque of 770 Newton meters. In combination with the Eight-speed Tiptronic and the Quattro permanent all-wheel drive delivers the SQ8 a performance that inspires. In only 4,1 seconds he sprints from 0 to 100 km/h. And if you want to hear it: the engine has something special distinctive sports sound to offer.

Driving experience 2.0: The Advanced suspension package

But if you want even better handling, you should take a look at this Suspension package Advanced throw. Here that takes care of it Sport differential for improved driving behavior in the curves. In addition comes the electromechanical active roll stabilization (E-AWS), which provides more stability and improved steering behavior. The technology behind it is impressive: Working on both axes compact electric motorsthat with a supercapacitor from 48 volt be supplied.

And of course the choice of bike should not be neglected either. The SQ8 TFSI rolls up as standard 21-inch wheels. But for those who like it even more powerful, Audi also has it 22 and even 23-inch wheels at the beginning. The Brake discs reported 400 mm diameter on the front axle and 350 mm on the rear axle ensure the necessary deceleration.

what will it cost

From September 2023 the revised Audi Q8 (all models) may be available. Prices start at 86.700 EUR for the 45 TDI Quattro. However, who the SQ8TFSI wants to call his own, must at least 119.500 EUR put .... on the table. And finally ... Audi shows once again how to skilfully combine luxury, power and design. The revised SQ8 TFSI will surely find many fans!

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Audi's mid-range refresh: the SQ8 TFSI in new splendor (2023)!
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