2024 Audi RS 6 GT Avant (C8) – 630 hp and strictly limited!

In the world of high-performance station wagons, the Audi RS 6 has been setting standards for years. But with the introduction of the Audi RS6 GT For 2024, Audi is raising the bar significantly higher. The strictly limited special model, of which only 660 pc are manufactured, combines brutal performance with a level of exclusivity and attention to detail that is unparalleled in this segment. The development of the RS 6 GT was a homage to that 40th anniversary of quattro GmbH and was created by the visionary GTO concept inspired. Although the GT has been somewhat defused compared to the GTO study, it still outperforms it RS6 performance in terms of aggressiveness and appearance. This isn't just the unique one foiling owed as a tribute to the Audi 90 IMSA GTO but also a series of components specially developed for small series.

2024 Audi RS 6 GT Avant (C8)

The front section of the GT underwent a complete overhaul. The Singleframe radiator grille presents itself in a blackened design and is two centimeters flatter than the series, which gives the vehicle a wider and more aggressive look. This is supplemented by new ones air intakes and front lip, which sharpens the aerodynamic profile of the RS 6. Another special feature is that Carbon bonnet, which is decorated with two visible carbon stripes. Not only does it help reduce weight, it also emphasizes the sporty DNA of the RS 6 GT. The fenders are also made of carbon, which not only impress visually, but also offer functional advantages such as reduced dynamic pressure.

on 22-inch forged rims

For the tires, Audi decided against the expected turbine rims and instead 22-inch forged wheels with a striking six-spoke design, which in combination with the exclusive exterior color "Arkona white" and the "Audi Sport“-Foiling makes a violent appearance. At the same time, the interior of the RS 6 GT radiates a fierce sportiness and even more Exclusivity with a generous use of Dinamica on the dashboard, door panels and steering wheel. They are there RS bucket seats not only a visual highlight, but also provide excellent lateral support and comfort. They have been specially refined for the GT and contribute to the unique atmosphere in the interior.

from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,3 seconds

Despite the focus on sportiness, Audi has managed not to compromise the practical qualities of the RS 6. The GT remains a fully-fledged family station wagon that is suitable for everyday use with heavy driving Specifications combined. The well-known one works under the hood Four-liter twin-turbo V8 reported 630 PS and 850 Nm torque, which ensure breathtaking driving performance. The sprint of 0 to 100 km/h takes just 3,3 seconds, to 200 km/h they are merely 11,5 seconds. This means it is exactly as fast as the new one Lamborghini Urus Performant. And another highlight is this coilover, which is used exclusively in the RS 6 GT. It allows manual adjustment of the vehicle height and is designed for optimal performance without neglecting driving comfort.

no bargain at 215.000 euros

With a price of around 215.000 Euros The 2024 Audi RS 6 GT reflects its exclusivity and the high-quality components that were specially designed for the special model. It is manufactured using a combination of handcraft and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, making the GT a real collector's item. In the end, the RS 6 GT is much more than just a car; he is one limited edition, which makes the hearts of car fans all over the world beat faster. With its fantastic performance, exclusive design and high-quality workmanship, we believe it sets new standards in the high-performance station wagon segment. Audi proves once again that it is possible to combine practical everyday suitability with ultimate performance exclusive design to unite.

Details about the 2024 Audi RS 6 GT Avant (C8):

  • Limited edition: Only 660 examples of the Audi RS 6 GT available
  • Inspiration: Design based on the Audi 90 IMSA GTO, celebrates the 40th anniversary of quattro GmbH
  • Front section: Completely new, with blackened single-frame radiator grille, two centimeters flatter for a wider look
  • Carbon hood: With two visible carbon stripes, 15 kilos lighter as RS 6 performance
  • Carbon fender: Newly developed to reduce dynamic pressure in the wheel arch
  • Rims: 22-inch six-spoke forged wheels, exclusive to GT
  • Color options: Wrapping in “Audi Sport” colors or subtle gray, five exterior colors without stickers
  • Carbon insert: Standard for side skirts and mirror caps in visible carbon
  • Roof rails: Not applicable
  • Double wings on the roof: Almost corresponds to the GTO concept, improves aerodynamics
  • Inner space: Large-scale use of Dinamica, RS bucket seats with red quilted honeycomb pattern and lettering
  • Power: Four-liter twin-turbo V8 with 630 HP and 850 Nm
  • Acceleration: 0-100 km/h in 3,3 seconds, 0-200 km/h in 11,5 seconds
  • maximum speed: Electronically limited to 305 km/h
  • brakes: Carbon ceramic brakes as standard
  • Landing gear: Exclusive coilover, ten millimeters lower, with manual adjustment
  • Production: Final assembly by hand in the Böllinger Höfe factory, Neckarsulm
  • Price: Around 215.000 EUR, approx. 80.000 EUR over RS ​​6 performance base price

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2024 Audi RS 6 GT Avant (C8) – 630 hp and strictly limited!
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