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Unique item under the hammer: Mercedes 300 TE 6.0 AMG “Mallet”!

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Unique item under the hammer: Mercedes 300 TE 6.0 AMG “Mallet”!

This Mercedes-Benz 300 TE 6.0 AMG, called “The Mallet,” is a vehicle that is unparalleled in automotive history. Originally in Chicago and not in Affalterbach from AMG converted, the vehicle was subsequently converted into a T-model with a diesel engine Performance unique transformed. With a 6,0 liter V8, which comes from a 560 SEL and on 310 PS was drilled out, “The Mallet” even surpassed some well-known sports cars of the time in terms of performance. The special station wagon was created by Richard Buxbaum, the then head of AMG North America.

Mercedes 300 TE 6.0 AMG “Mallet”

To avoid the long waiting times Four-valve cylinder heads To avoid this and save costs, Buxbaum opted for it Two-valve M117, which was fitted with new valves, a limited-slip differential and a reinforced rear end to handle the extra power. And in order to optimize driving behavior shortened feathers and adapted stabilizers installed to reduce the tendency to roll. The tuning was rounded off by installing 16-inchAMG monoblock wheels. However, the most striking feature of the vehicle is its two-tone paint in black, which is combined with high-quality equipment and a black leather child seat in the luggage compartment makes the station wagon a rare seven-seater.

280.000 to 375.000 EUR

After being used as a family car for a year, the car passed through several owners, each investing significant sums in restoration and improvement. Including a new paint job 040 Black, swapping the US headlights for European ones and installing 17-inch rims. Today it stands 300 TE 6.0 AMG “Mallet” for sale and comes with one “Certificate of Authenticity” offered by Richard Buxbaum. The price for the unique piece is between 280.000 and 375.000 EUR, a sum that reflects the exclusivity and history. “The Mallet” is not only proof of the creative possibilities of tuning, but also a piece of contemporary history that makes the hearts of collectors and tuning fans beat faster.

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Unique item under the hammer: Mercedes 300 TE 6.0 AMG “Mallet”!

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Unique item under the hammer: Mercedes 300 TE 6.0 AMG “Mallet”!
Unique item under the hammer: Mercedes 300 TE 6.0 AMG “Mallet”!
Photo credit/source: © Jeremy Cliff/RM Sotheby's
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