Video: 390 hp "on the wheel" in the BMW 5 Series (E28) with turbocharger!

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BMW 5 Series E28 With turbocharger 2

From the factory, the top model of the BMW 5 Series was the M5 with M88/3 straight-six and 286 hp and 340 NM torque. But this one E28 is significantly stronger. It's the vehicle of "Matt" who stripped the rusted-out 1985 sports sedan of its 2,0-litre straight-six (M20B20) engine and a 2,5 liter unit installed from a 3 Series E36. He then has the engine on 3-liter capacity extended and moreover with one turbocharger stocked. Of course, a lot of specially made parts were required for the new hardware to function smoothly, but the conversion was successful in the end. In addition to the engine gave a new one Stainless-steel sport exhaust system and Five-speed ZF transmission from a 328i and the rear of a 535i with the stronger drive shafts and wishbones.

BMW 5 Series (E28) with turbocharger

The result flows into about 390 PS at the wheel, meaning that the engine almost 450 hp. Compared to the original engine with less than 130 hp, this is of course a huge premium. That from the YouTuber Full boost filmed E28 project car is still a work in progress. However, the 5 Series is already completely new lacquered and in the interior are a few E34 parts and something Tuning Accessories to see. The tuned 5er also has one Smart Air suspension get and send to alloy wheels in the typical style of the 80s. You can see the rest in the video!


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390 hp "on the wheel" in the BMW 5 Series (E28) with turbocharger!
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