Hoonigan 1983 Subaru GL wagon for the next Gymkhana!

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Hoonigan 1983 Subaru GL Wagon Gymkhana 12 2022 1st

An old Subaru classic that goes to drift machine will? It's available now! Because Subaru and Travis Pastrana got a yesterday Unique presented, who will act as the main actor in the next Gymkhana film. The choice fell on one 1983 Subaru GL wagon (Kombi), which is to continue the legendary Gymkhana series. The comeback in the form of Gymkhana 11 in WRX Sti, with Travis Pastrana at the wheel instead of Ken Block and with Subaru instead of Ford as the emergency vehicle, was not a flash in the pan, but will continued. Why not!? If you look at the last part, they almost speak 50 million views on Youtube (Updated 21.01.2022) clear language. That one for it but no current Subaru WRX or BRZ uses, something surprises us. Even an appearance by STI E-RA Electric Concept as a counterpart to Audi S1 ​​"Hoonitron" by Ken Block we could have imagined. But an almost 40-year-old classic? All the better! This makes Gymkhana 2022 a journey into the past.

Hoonigan 1983 Subaru GL wagon

The 1983 Subaru GL Wagon is extensive modified and impresses with an elaborately manufactured Widebody body kit. All around got the specimen from Subaru's L series (known as "Leone" in Japan, in Germany as 4WD 1600 or 1800) a huge one Widebody body kit donated, with fat Fenders all around, with great front apron including spoilers and also a rugged one bonnet can be seen.

Hoonigan 1983 Subaru GL Wagon Gymkhana 12 2022 3st

Various more Spoiler, a new honeycomb grill, fat side skirts, roof spoiler as well as a befitting one XXL rear diffuser round off the custom sheet metal work, which incidentally consists partly of carbon, on the shell of the oldis impressively. In terms of colour, the unique piece, which by the way is another ski mount on the roof, to a time when Subaru - and not like Toyota now – official automotive partner from US Ski Team was. But of course, the changes mentioned were far from over. Golden ones make contact with the road KMC motorsport rims with Yokohama slick tires velvet white Lettering and of course there is also a brand new one landing gear installed with a longer spring deflection. Since Subaru hasn't really announced the technical details yet, we don't know any more key data on the chassis components.

a good 900 hp slumber under the hood

Hoonigan 1983 Subaru GL Wagon Gymkhana 12 2022 2st

Inside, everything that doesn't serve the purpose of the drift car seems to have been thrown out, and instead a Roll cage, Macrolon discs, Sports seats installed etc. And even if, as already mentioned, the exact key data are still missing, the exhaust system, which is again installed in the front right fender, that the rickety old boxer engine under the hood seems to have had its day. Instead, the drift car is driven by an approx. 900 HP (671 kW / 913 PS) powerful monster engine, which, in contrast to the old 1,8-liter petrol engine with 72 PS & 127 Nm torque, is roughly the twelvefold (!!!) performance and weighs an estimated 1.000 kg unladen. However, we don't want to put forward any premature theses here, because it's also possible that the production engine has been extremely modified and there is no other engine under the hood. Incidentally, it is delayed by means of sports brake system including large slotted brake discs.

Hoonigan 1983 Subaru GL Wagon Gymkhana 12 2022 4st

Little is known about Travis Pastrana's new Gymkhana company car and when the twelfth part will be online and where it will be filmed is still unknown. In any case, with the presentation of the vehicle, Subaru USA asked its subscribers to make suggestions as to where the next drift party should take place. The subject of the vehicle and the aforementioned ski rack let us have a fun one winter session tap. One can be curious! If we get more information, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Hoonigan 1983 Subaru GL wagon for the next Gymkhana!
Photo credit: Subaru

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