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More safety and comfort - a belt extension!

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Belt extension Belt extension lap belt e1573389704328 More safety and comfort a belt extension!

You've heard of belt extensions for the car? You would like to know what a strap extension is and what variants are available? Are there any items that are intended as a belt extension for pets, children and adults? Are these belt extensions allowed at all? These and other questions will be answered below.

Belt extension - what is it?

Belt extension Belt extension lap belt 3 More safety and comfort a belt extension!

The seat belt in a car is inferior to a certain minimum length of the belt in the year 2001. Although the rules for the strap length exist, the seat belt may be too short. For example, in a fastening of the child seat or the infant carrier, a Cover Tape to be necessary. For many child seat and baby shell models, the belt must be threaded so that the article can be safely and conveniently mounted in the car. The strap must be long enough so that it can still be easily fastened in the belt buckle. If the belt is too short, for example in rear-facing baby carriers, then the belt can be extended. Even fuller people may need a belt extension. Belt extensions are available in the trade, but there are some things to consider when buying and attaching.

Belt extension - what are the requirements?

Belt extension Belt extension lap belt 4 More safety and comfort a belt extension!

A belt extension may be necessary to safely secure baby car seats and child seats in the car. The extension is also intended for pets and bulky people. In order to use a belt extension, you have to pay a lot of attention when buying and mounting. Prerequisite for the use of a belt extension is a ABE. ABE means "General operating permit". Such an ABE must be available for the purchased product. You should make sure that there is no certification that is only valid abroad. Specialist and tuning workshops can help you with choosing the right and right belt extension.

Also some automakers offer the retrofitting of belt extensions. It is important that the belt extension does not restrict the safety and the ability to drive. In addition, the belt extension must be removed and checked by a test center approved by the Federal Motor Vehicle Authority. Without having an ABE, the verifier will not decrease the extension. For example, DEKRA and TÜV are approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authorities. The belt extension must also be entered in the vehicle registration. In general, it is advisable to contact a specialist garage for the purchase and installation of a belt extension.

What happens if the belt extension is not approved?

Anyone who installs an unauthorized belt extension and builds an accident should know that the car owner is liable for the consequences. It can also come to a fine and points in Flensburg. In addition, the car must not be driven (operating license is withdrawn) until the extension of the belt has been properly removed. Also, insurance companies often do not pay if an unauthorized belt extension is available. Further information about the belt extension can be given by a specialist workshop.

TÜV Tuev Dekra test center KÜS Tuning More safety and comfort a belt extension!

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Belt extension Belt extension lap belt 5 More safety and comfort a belt extension!

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