It couldn't be better - M&D BMW F10 with PD5XX body kit & 21 inchers

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MD BMW F10 PD5XX Bodykit 21 Race Forged Tuning 3 It does not get any better M & D BMW F10 with PD5XX Bodykit & 21 Zöller

You can not get more out of a simple and discreet BMW 5 sedan than M&D exclusive card design it did the days. Yesterday the tuner from Dinslaken (North Rhine-Westphalia) presented a black F10 sedan on its side that was equipped with a spectacular Prior-Design PD5XX widebody aerodynamic package and a racing Forged R55-D wheel set in 21 inches, including a "24k" gold style finish . This conversion comes optically, in our opinion, again clearly before the ALPHA Atarius Widebody 5er and also the recently presented Variant on Forgiato Wheels can't really keep up with that. Especially the color combination of the high-gloss body in deep black, in connection with the golden aluminum rims, creates this unique style and looks absolutely outstanding. But let's start with the changes! As already mentioned, an elaborate Prior-Design PD5XX widebody kit was installed here, consisting of a new front bumper including spoiler lip & side flaps, new fenders with gills, side skirts with sill swords, a new rear bumper including diffuser & diffuser sword as well as eye-catching side wall extensions at the rear including door extensions and matching door extensions There is a flared fender for the front.

MD BMW F10 PD5XX Bodykit 21 Race Forged Tuning 6 It does not get any better M & D BMW F10 with PD5XX Bodykit & 21 Zöller

Probably the most inconspicuous component is the tailgate spoiler, which looks a little like the optional spoiler lip from the BMW shelf. Another highlight are, of course, the three-part races Forged R55-D alloy wheels that were specially made for this vehicle. As expected, the dimensions are huge with 10 x 21 inches at the front and a lush 11,5 x 21 inches at the rear, but this is the only way to ensure that the significantly widened wheel arches are appropriately filled. Another highlight is the 24k gold plating, which, in conjunction with the black screwed connection, makes the wheelset look phenomenal. Incidentally, the new rims are equipped with Continental SportContact 6 slippers in 265/30/21 & 295/25/20 format. Of course, it is unavoidable to install a significant lowering here and M&D decided on a KW coilover kit with DDC damper control that can be comfortably controlled via an app on the mobile phone. Such an extreme look naturally also needs a new soundscape and so the tuner installed a stainless steel exhaust system with black chrome-plated 80mm tailpipes which, including a double sound generator / sound processor, provides the decisive driving noise.

MD BMW F10 PD5XX Bodykit 21 Race Forged Tuning 14 It does not get any better M & D BMW F10 with PD5XX Bodykit & 21 Zöller

And the high-gloss complete paintwork in deep black immediately catches the eye and this was achieved by means of elaborate intermediate sanding and applied ceramic clearcoat - the washing system is now TABU 😱. As a subtle contrast, the sedan also got various black matt accents. But it wasn't only on the outside that the work was done so extensively, there were also a lot of changes on the inside. The 5 Series got a completely revised interior including leather-covered dashboard, headliner, trunk, which were sold in the finest nappa. And to match the eye-catching aluminum rims on the outside, a golden quilted seam was attached inside which, in combination with a lot of Alcantara, sets a beautiful accent. The deep black lacquered interior trim and the chrome trim, decorated with 24k real gold, are also aimed at the look from the outside. Further changes such as an individual control unit optimization to increase performance, etc. round off the 5 Series in an absolutely spectacular way and thus it is already the car of the week for us today! If we get more information about the modifications, there will of course, as always, be an update for this report. The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately. We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

(Photos: M&D Exclusive Cardesign)

These are the changes to the BMW F10 5er:

  • Prior-Design PD5XX Widebody body kit (consisting of front bumper, Flaps, front spoiler lip, fenders, side skirts, sill swords, rear bumper, diffuser, diffuser sword, rear side widening, door widening, front fender widening + front bumper widening, tailgate spoiler)
    Race Forged R55-D rims (three-part, directional / twisted in the direction of travel, 10 x 21 + 11,5 x 21 inches, 24k gold style finish, black screw connection)
  • Tires 265 / 30 / 21 + 295 / 25 / 20 Continental SportContact 6
  • Lowering with KW coilover suspension DDC with damper control (with app controlled on the phone)
  • Stainless steel sports exhaust with black chrome 80mm tailpipes (including dual sound generator / sound processor)
    Performance increase by means of individual control unit optimization
  • Completely painted in jet black (additional intermediate sanding and ceramic clearcoat) matt black accents
  • Interior completely revised (dashboard, headliner, trunk, plastic parts in nappa including golden stitching, steering wheel upholstered with golden stitching, interior trim painted deep black glossy, chrome trim with 24k real gold plated, etc.
  • black taillights

MD BMW F10 PD5XX Bodykit 21 Race Forged Tuning 7 It does not get any better M & D BMW F10 with PD5XX Bodykit & 21 Zöller

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Widebody kit & golden aluminum's

another in white

  • Prior-Design PDM5XX widebody complete conversion
  • Full-wrap PWF Matt Skylight Blue
  • 21 inch custom candy red artFORM AF-401 rims
  • Akrapovic Evolution Titan flap exhaust system

PORN ALERT! BMW M5 PD5XX widebody build by M&D exclusive cardesign

Here's a little porn from Mario's M5 widebody. Update 2.0 is pending. Here is the "old" look! Prior-Design PDM5XX widebody complete conversion + full wrap in PWF Matt Skylight Blue + 21 "custom candy red artFORM AF-401 + Akrapovic Evolution titanium flap exhaust system + small gimmicks Comments and opinions on the conversion are welcome.;) Link: https: // md-exclusive- you are interested in such a conversion, the rims, a foiling or other conversion measures, please do not hesitate to contact us for questions, price inquiries or non-binding offers. Liked , share and support us if you like the conversion shown! CONTACT: M&D exclusive cardesign | Lanterstraße 7 (Hall 3 + 4) | 46539 Dinslaken | Tel: +49 (0) 2064/4567 199 | Fax: +49 (0) 02064 / 4569 505 | E-Mail: | VAT ID No. DE279150364 | Inh. Markus Ledwig & D. Dawid Sychala

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