BMW 525i Sedan (E34) with Airride and Hellaflush!

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BMW 525i Sedan E34 Airride Hellaflush 27 BMW 525i Sedan (E34) with Airride and Hellaflush!

The 5-series sedan of the E34 series has now become rare. High mileage and wear and tear have drawn the teeth of many examples in the series, so that the model is slowly but surely developing into a sought-after classic. The series, which was produced between 1988 and 1996, embodies sporty longitudinal and transverse dynamics with a high level of comfort, and is a real insider tip for Youngtimer fanswhich have the BMW brand in their sights in particular. Tuning is rarely an issue in this series, which is why it is hardly any craft stalls and Fair tuning with copies of the E34. This is also one of the reasons why the series has a good image and why models in top condition can certainly increase in value over the next few years. Now we present you a perfect tuned Specimen that made its way to China and was tastefully refined there.

Classic in perfect condition.

BMW 525i Sedan E34 Airride Hellaflush 30 BMW 525i Sedan (E34) with Airride and Hellaflush!

At first glance, of course, that is obvious Airride chassis of the snow-white BMW 5 series. It provides along with the drawn wheel arches for an extremely sporty and at the same time subtle and elegant look. The car is also through the retrofitted landing gear so deep at the push of a button that it can be called in winter snowplow would be suitable. The rims are very reminiscent of classic BBS aluminum and, in our opinion, fit perfectly with the classic. A highlight of the refined Bavarian is that to be opened to the front Bonnet, which is very reminiscent of old English roadsters.

There was a new one at the stern Sports exhaust system with typical BMW Double pipe on the left side, but otherwise on the rear of the sedan no changes performed. The front was too should not changed, and judging by the pictures, the car is in a seemingly perfect overall condition. Only that sticker in the rear window, in our opinion, a little disturbs the perfect Dapper tuningthat turns the gracefully aged oldie into a classic piece of jewelry. We are sure that this E34 would cut an excellent figure at every BMW meeting in Germany and Europe.

Various modifications in the interior.

The interior was clear upgraded, and it became an example airbagless Three-spoke sports steering wheel built with a wooden wreath and chrome spokes, which is very much attached to the steering wheels of the US Restomod vehicles remind. The Seats and Door panels were with white-brown respectively white Leather lined that with his Diamond pattern somewhat reminiscent of the seats of British luxury brands. All the pitman arms remained, and even those Height Adjustment for the steering wheel still works fine. In addition, of course, the e-level control, the the Airride controls, installed.

BMW 525i Sedan E34 Airride Hellaflush 24 BMW 525i Sedan (E34) with Airride and Hellaflush!

In-line six-cylinder petrol engine for sheer driving pleasure.

A is used as the drive source 2,5 liter R6 suction gasolinewho is on the label M50B25 hears, and 192 PS as well as 250 Newton meter maximum torque generated. The power is transmitted via a automatic transmission to the rear wheels, and the performance is still impressive today. Approximately 9,5 seconds pass up to 100 km / h, and the top speed is respectable 225 km/h. But such a youngtimer in this condition is not intended to be used for heating, because that would only wear and tear and thus a Depreciation entail.

BMW 525i Sedan E34 Airride Hellaflush 18 BMW 525i Sedan (E34) with Airride and Hellaflush!

Our conclusion on this BMW:

We are thoroughly impressed by how discreetly and elegantly you can modify an E34. Should you want to imitate that, then you can already for little money get hold of a copy with high mileage in order to bring it back into shape technically and optically. Of course you can also take a look at the 5 series in our picture gallery, which we have attached to the end of the text as always. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

BMW 525i Sedan E34 Airride Hellaflush 13 BMW 525i Sedan (E34) with Airride and Hellaflush!

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BMW 525i Sedan E34 Airride Hellaflush 7 BMW 525i Sedan (E34) with Airride and Hellaflush!

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BMW 525i Sedan (E34) with Airride and Hellaflush!

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