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What does the term dapper tuning mean in the tuning scene?

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Dapper Tuning Meaning Explanation Oldtimer2 What does the term dapper tuning mean in the tuning scene?

In the tuning scene in Germany you can always find “dapper stickers” on vehicles. Dapper itself is a term that can be translated as neat, neat and elegant. The term comes from the English and is also adopted in the tuning area for elegantly or neatly tuned vehicles. What this means and why it often refers to older vehicles is explained below.

Dapper tuning - what does it mean?

Dapper Tuning Meaning Explanation Oldtimer3 e1586238000197 What does the term dapper tuning mean in the tuning scene?

Dapper Tuning describes elegant, well-maintained car tuning. Tuners of a dapper vehicle do not want to design a souped-up racing car, but instead want to carry out a classic, well-kept, but still individual car tuning. Dapper tuning is for example at Audi, BMW and VW car meetings (for example at Lake Wörthersee) to see where many elegant and neat tuning vehicles are shown. Dapper stickers are also commercially available, which uniquely identify the elegant vehicle in the tuning area. The stickers are available in many colors and can be selected to match the vehicle design. Dapper tuning is also popular with Mercedes, especially classic cars, and the elegant exterior of the vehicle is to be preserved or upgraded.

Dapper Tuning - Oldtimer Tuning and more

Classic car tuning is often associated with the term dapper tuning. Because classic cars are rarely extremely modified. The classic cars often get a neat appearance that is based on the original. Exceptions confirm the rule here, too, but tuning on classic cars is subtle. And the Tuning classic cars wins more and more friends and especially Mercedes tuners and friends of vintage cars in general (also from other car brands) make more and more effort in the area of ​​modifications and sometimes invest horrendous sums.

Dapper Tuning - neat and classic

Dapper Tuning Meaning Explanation Vintage Cars What does the term dapper tuning mean in the tuning scene?

Dapper tuning can generally be carried out on all vehicles. Both modern cars and older vehicles are suitable for that elegance Tuning variant. The subtle tuning can include classic metal elements such as chrome clasps or just a minimal lowering with a set of new alloy wheels. Well-maintained tuning can also refer to simplicity and include glossy paints without incorporating exaggerated style elements. Elegant components can also be just a set of new rims or new exterior mirrors. This VW K70 with Porsche Fuchs rims and Airride is also part of the dapper tuning style for us. The Airride air suspension and the new engine in particular are quite complex, but the result is still very subtle and, apart from the vehicle height, hardly distinguishable from the original. And with dapper tuning it is also interesting to tune the interior elegantly or at least neatly. Using exaggerated elements in the interior may destroy the dapper tuning and give a less elegant overall impression. If you want to round off a dapper tuning with a modern vehicle, you can use a dapper sticker.

Dapper tuning - watch out for stickers

But regarding the There are stickers to pay attention to. Anyone who uses stickers on the windshield should know before attaching the stickers whether this is allowed in the desired position at all. Dapper stickers can take up a not inconsiderable part of the rear window or the front window. Approval should be clarified before purchasing. And in case of doubt, the vehicle works even without a sticker "dapper". Because only the sticker does not make the tuning.

Dapper Tuning - conclusion

Dapper tuning means elegant and neat car tuning and stands in contrast to souped-up vehicles. Dapper tuning is about a successful effect of the modified car and that includes both the outside and the inside. And that's why Dapper Tuning is particularly interesting for classic cars. In the end, however, it is a flexible term that everyone can interpret for themselves. And then it happens that a vehicle with a spoiler package, Airride air suspension and fat sound system is given by its owner with the note "Dapper tuning“Is provided. It's just in the eye of the beholder.

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