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The best for last! BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

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BMW M2 CS F87 2020 Lightweight Tuning 46 The best for last! BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

Now it's getting tight for the 421 PS strong 45er-S models from Mercedes-AMG and the 400 PSU Audi RS3 Sportback! With the new BMW M2 CS, BMW M GmbH is offering for the first time an exclusive and limited special model with a decidedly sporty appearance in the premium compact class. As a high-performance vehicle above the BMW M2 Competition, the M2 CS continues the success story of the BMW M3 CS and BMW M4 CS models. At the same time, it forms the powerful basis for the new 2020 entry-level model from BMW M Motorsport for grassroots sports and the new Clubsport segment: the BMW M2 CS Racing.

Striking design with lots of carbon.

BMW M2 CS F87 2020 Lightweight Tuning 54 The best for last! BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

Numerous carbon elements sharpen the appearance of the BMW M2 CS over the BMW M2 Competition again. These include, among other things, the redesigned bonnet, the roof, the new front splitter, the Gurney - a spoiler lip on the tailgate - for the first time on a BMW M2 - made entirely of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) - and the rear diffuser made of carbon fiber. With acceleration, driving dynamics, precision and agility, the BMW M2 CS sets new standards in its segment and forms a new, highly emotional introduction to the BMW M GmbH product range. In addition to excellent performance on the racetrack, he also shines with unrestricted suitability for everyday use and the exclusively reserved for him Misano blue metallic paint. The starting price is 95.000 Euro.

450 PS and Adaptive M sports suspension.

BMW M2 CS F87 2020 Lightweight Tuning 56 The best for last! BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

Compared to the BMW M2 Competition, the performance of the dual-turbocharged six-cylinder in-line engine increases by 29 kW (40 PS) to 331 kW (450 PS). On the road or the circuit bring the performance of the adaptive M sports suspension, which was previously reserved for the M4 models, and Cup tires. With the Adaptive M chassis, the driver can change the damping tuning with the three modes Comfort, Sport and Sport +. While the Comfort setting ensures maximum driving comfort in daily use in city traffic, Sport enables particularly dynamic locomotion, for example on the country road. The hardest mode Sport + offers minimal body movements and maximum driving dynamics on the racetrack.

Motorsport experience with the M sports brake.

BMW M2 CS F87 2020 Lightweight Tuning 39 The best for last! BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

The M sports brake with red brake calipers, as standard, reveals the motorsport experience of BMW M GmbH. Compared to the M Compound Brake of the BMW M2 Competition, it offers enlarged brake discs (front axle: 400 mm diameter, rear axle: 380 mm diameter) and brake calipers (front axle: 6 piston fixed caliper, rear axle: 4 piston fixed caliper). This high-performance brake system guarantees the highest braking performance with excellent deceleration values ​​under all conditions, high fading stability and thermal stability. On request, the BMW M carbon-ceramic brake with six-piston calipers in the front and four-piston rear saddles available, which is even lighter, withstand the highest loads such as race track use and is also more durable. Accurate and agile handling features include the CFRP precision strut, which gives the front end a high level of rigidity, and the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), a highly sensitive stability control system that provides plenty of traction in wet and slippery conditions and ensures drifting the traction does not stop abruptly. Support is provided by the Active M Differential, an electronically controlled multi-plate lock that optimizes traction and driving stability with the utmost precision and speed - and in some situations even proactively. The specifically selectable M Dynamic Mode (MDM), a sub-function of the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), for example, provides greater wheel slip for particularly sporty driving on the racetrack and extends the latitude in the dynamic driving range. Greater oversteer and understeer are just as possible as light, controlled drifts.

19 inch wheels with cup tires.

BMW M2 CS F87 2020 Lightweight Tuning 28 The best for last! BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

The BMW M2 CS rolls on 19 forged wheels in the Y-spoke design and high-gloss black or on request in a dull gold tone. The front 9J x 19 inch big wheels weigh only well 9 kilograms, the rear 10J x 19 inches below 10 kilograms. The front wheels with the Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tires specially tailored to the M2 CS in the 245 / 35 ZR 19 format meet the highest demands in terms of side guidance, directional stability, steering feel and steering precision. The rear tires in the 265 / 35 ZR 19 format ensure optimum traction, cornering and directional stability. If you want to use the BMW M2 CS mainly in everyday life, you also get Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, which build more grip on rainy roads than the Cup tires.

Impressive performance.

BMW M2 CS F87 2020 Lightweight Tuning 12 The best for last! BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

The BMW M2 CS achieves impressive performance. With the optional 7 gear M dual-clutch gearbox (M DKG), he completes the standard sprint from a standstill to 100 km / h in 4,0 seconds. With the 6 manual transmission, which is used for the first time in a CS model from BMW and fits perfectly with the M2 target group, it takes 4,2 seconds. The maximum speed of the special model equipped with the M Driver's Package is electronically limited at 280 km / h. With the 6 manual gearbox, combined fuel consumption for 10,4 is up to 10,2 l / 100 km, and CO2 emissions for combined 238 to 233 g / km *. With the M DKG it is combined 9,6 to 9,4 l / 100 km and 219 to 214 g CO2 / km. In addition, the BMW M2 CS in the relevant EU countries has an Otto Particulate Filter (OPF), which further reduces particulate emissions. A cover of the oil sump, an additional oil suction pump and a sophisticated oil return system in the area of ​​the exhaust gas turbocharger guarantee a reliable oil supply in everyday operation and during highly dynamic driving on the racetrack. The increased cooling air requirement of the engine is due, among other things, to the modified bonnet, which ensures better airflow through the integrated air scoop. The exhaust system, refined in appearance and sound compared to the BMW M2 Competition, has a twin-flow design and ends in the typical four tailpipes. Two electrically controlled flaps ensure that the BMW M2 CS develops a characteristic BMW M sound. The driver can further influence the sound by selecting the driving mode via the M Motordynamik Control and direct selection buttons in the center console.

Puristic and noble interior.

BMW M2 CS F87 2020 Lightweight Tuning 9 The best for last! BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

The interior of the BMW M2 CS combines an exclusive and puristic look with the sporty feel of noble Alcantara and innovative lightweight construction. Thus, the center console is made entirely of lightweight carbon, with the door handles and door panels carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are used. The particularly lightweight M sports seat from the BMW M4 CS is an ergonomic and visual highlight. With its shell character, the seat, which is upholstered in Merino and Alcantara leather and decorated with red contrast stitching, leans directly against motorsport and guarantees perfect lateral support even when driving on the racetrack. Direct motor sport feeling spreads the optional M sport steering wheel with exclusive Alcantara cover and a red 12 clock marking. Elegant Alcantara also graces the armrest of the center console and an interior trim on the instrument panel with a large red CS logo.

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World premiere: BMW carbon roof with colored M stripes

BMW Carbon roof colored M stripes tuning 1 310x165 The best for last! BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

BMW M2 CS (F87) with 450 PS

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