Work in progress: Ferrari F40 Widebody by Liberty Walk!

Ferrari F40 Widebody Liberty Walk Project F40 Tuning 4

This is trouble! Or at least discussions... Is it a blight or an embellishment? We do not know it! The fact is, if you massively rebuild a Ferrari F40, you will polarize people. And the Project F40 by Liberty Walk definitely divides opinions. Because anyone who dares to try the “holy grail” of sports cars must reckon with headwinds. A Ferrari F40 (1987-1992) is Liberty Walk's latest project and this one might even anger Ferrari itself. Because if you tune a Ferrari, you usually end up on the famous “black list”. And if you dare an F40, you can definitely find it on it. Especially since it is clear that a kit from Liberty Walk actually cannot be installed without permanent modifications to the vehicle. In other words, in the end there won't be much left of the original super sports car. And the images of Liberty Walk released so far confirm that.

Ferrari F40 Widebody by Liberty Walk

The front has been removed, the rear fenders have been modified and are of course much wider. However, you can also see that you have created a completely new front. Retrofitting would therefore be conceivable if the new components were screwed to the OEM attachment points. However, we do not believe in the widened side parts. The lowering and the wheelset are different. Both things should be undone.

following official renderings of Liberty Walk

Ferrari F40 Widebody Liberty Walk Tuning TAS 2023 6

for the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 / "first slammed and widebody F40 in the world" / widebody kit with revised front and rear fenders, new front hood, adjustable apron, new side skirts, rear wing, diffuser made of FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) / either as a complete package or available separately / air suspension / new rims with branded tires from Toyo

So it will be interesting to see whether an F2 that is sometimes more than 3 or even 40 million euros will be permanently changed, or whether Liberty Walk will find a way to make the changes reversible. If we get more information, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Work in progress: Ferrari F40 Widebody by Liberty Walk!
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