1946 Ford F-1 pickup as a rat with Harley-Davidson!

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1946 Ford F 1 Pickup Rat Harley Davidson Summer Tuning 26

For some, there is apparently nothing more exciting than a picture of a pickup truck with a Harley-Davidson on the loading area. Some seem so excited about it that they don't hesitate to spend tens of thousands of dollars without even knowing one of the vehicles! The ultimate example is this "Ford F-1" that was recently blindly auctioned by an enthusiast. A visually shabby pickup as a typical "rat". The machined body has a specially made grille, modern headlights, new floors in the cabin and a new transmission tunnel. The rest has rust, dents, scratches & Co. and even brown and green shades applied afterwards to cheer up the worn look. And this pickup is actually more of a Chevrolet than a Ford. The most important parts such as the frame come from an S-10 and the 5,3-liter V8 Vortec or the four-speed automatic are from the GM shelf. There is also chic aluminum, a new chassis and a Wilwood brake system all around.

Cab with many functions!

1946 Ford F 1 Pickup Rat Harley Davidson Summer Tuning 38

By the way, the cabin is completely the opposite! It shows itself, for example, with two high-quality bucket seats with leather covers and white piping. And the material was also used for the door panels and the back wall behind the seats. And there is also a lot of modern technology on board. For example, a cruise control, a reversing camera and even an air conditioning system are included in the F-1. In addition, the pickup was given a small sports steering wheel with an extended hub and the displays for speed, engine speed and fuel level on a stylish aluminum plate are new. However, this has been embedded in a dashboard that is also trimmed to rat. Only the optional navigation system doesn't really fit into the cabin as we think. The biggest surprise, however, is on the F-1's weathered cargo area.

Harley-Davidson Hummer in the cargo area

1946 Ford F 1 Pickup Rat Harley Davidson Summer Tuning 31

Because here is actually a beautiful Harley-Davidson Hummer with an unknown model year. The classic was built between 1955 and 1959. The motorcycle is currently not really functional, but a perfect basis for rebuilding. Possibly also suitable for the pickup as Rat! The duo was sold a few days ago for a whopping 46.000 US dollars and will likely haunt the relevant channels in the near future. Hopefully with a working Harley in the luggage! If we get more information about the changes to the Ford F-1 or the Harley, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Photo / s: Bring a trailer

1946 Ford F 1 Pickup Rat Harley Davidson Summer Tuning 44

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1946 Ford F-1 pickup as a rat with Harley-Davidson!

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