Video: Ingenext lets Tesla Model S Plaid drive 350 km/h!

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Ingenext Lets Tesla Model S Plaid Record 350 Kmh Tuning 1

Driving over 300 km/h with the Tesla Model S Plaid? Tesla Motors announced this some time ago. However, the Americans have not yet "released" the function for the general public. According to Tesla, this requires a special wheel/tire setup. But now Ingenext has one Software developed that enables the Model S Plaid to drive well over 300 km/h. Similar to the tuning of a combustion engine, the one used in the test vehicle Software basically overriding the factory controls that monitor the speed limit. Quebec-based Ingenext has for years offered various EV-related products, including controllers that can be used to retrofit Tesla powertrains to various vehicles. So you can say they know what you're doing. And this has now been impressively demonstrated at the airport Trois-Rivières in Quebec, Canada.

Ingenext lets Tesla Model S Plaid

At the airport, Ingenext has previously tried to drive over 200 miles per hour (approx. 322 km/h), but was unable to do so due to lack of space. But now they have set the record for a Tesla. The top speed displayed on the dashboard was 216 miles per hour (about 350 km/h). According to the report, the only modifications to the sedan other than the software were a kit Michelin Super Sport tires and a bigger one Bremsanlage Mountain pass performance. The modifications were made to increase security. But they could also be an indication of why the function is currently not activated by Tesla. Whether or when Tesla will actually release a new update to allow 200-mile drives in stock Model S Plaids is unknown. At the moment, this vehicle is the only Model S Plaid with V.-max unlocked, but Ingenext plans to offer the module to the public with more features soon.


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