Video: MotoGP KTM motorcycle vs. BiTurbo Lamborghini Huracan!

Does a BiTurbo V10 engine in a Lamborghini Huracán make up for the difference in terms of that power to weight ratio to a motorcycle? A new CarWow video want to find out exactly that. Concrete enters in the drag race 270 hp KTM MotoGP bike against a heavily tuned one Lamborghini Huracan Performance Spyder on. The Lambo's 5,2-liter V10 achieves insane results thanks to the bi-turbo conversion and a few other upgrades 1.100 PS and he has also continued all wheel drive. At 1.507 kilograms, it weighs ten times as much as the MotoGP bike at a ridiculous 150 kg. The motorcycle performs concretely 270 PS & 120 Nm of torque from its 1,0 liter V4 engine. Incidentally, the MotoGP racer presented himself as the driver for the bike Dani Pedrosa the honor. One of the vehicles completes the quarter mile in 9,4 seconds and the other in 9,6 seconds. The video shows you which time belongs to which.


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