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Land Rover Defender Electric Conversion Kit Electric Classic Cars Tuning Swap 7

Who is interested in his classic Land Rover Defender electric vehicle retool who has with a special kit Electric Classic Cars a great opportunity. The kit is designed to basically fit straight into the old Defender. Little hook: you cannot currently buy it yourself, but instead you have to find a workshop that will carry out the conversion on the vehicle. Then Electric Classic Cars is currently selling the kit will not to private individuals, but only to companies that have the financial means and the technical expertise to carry out the replacement of the drive unit. However, there is already one kit in planning that a remodeling by a private person should make possible. The current kit consists of a large Tesla drive unit from a Model S or Model X, with 450 or 650 PS as a performance version.

Land Rover Defender Electric Conversion Kit!

With the 650 hp version, the old Defender is able to get in under 3,5 seconds at 100 km / h to accelerate, making it worlds faster than the series with a petrol engine. The drive is fed by one 100 kWh battery pack by Tesla, which packs about 60 percent under the hood and the rest in the rear of the vehicle (near where the fuel tank used to be) housed. In terms of range, a good 150 miles (240 km) should be feasible. By the way, a big change is the fact that the Defender has a Direct drive receives, with a simple reduction gear. This eliminates the reduction function. Depending on the terrain conditions, it is no longer necessary to change.


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Land Rover Defender Electric Conversion Kit!
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